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    Documentary about sexual abuse in JW's on Belgium's biggest tv/news-channel

    there's a documentary about the sexual abuse within Jehovah's Witnesses on Belgium's biggest tv-channel.

    There are also multiple articles on the biggest news-channels of Belgium as well as other websites. Link to Belgian news-article

    The creator of is also mentioned and talks about the disfellowship progress as well as the compilement of every single sexual abuse case at the JW headquarters in New York.

    Translation of writing under every video as follows Done my best)

    1. Jehovah's are paradise for child abusers": Watch here the "Pano"-report

    The Jehovah's witnesses for years cover sexual abuse of minors within the Organization through an internal justice system. That is the conclusion of an investigation of "Pano". "Pano" spoke with victims but also with ex-elders, men who act as a judge in the organization. They tell how they have covered up sexual abuse of children and how the organization is aware of offenders but not to the competent authorities.

    2. Several months ago the editors of the VRT NWS program "Pano" with an investigation into the sexual abuse of children within the community of Jehovah's witnesses. The problem was already in thirteen other countries have emerged. Pulled the C.I.A.H.S.O. at the end of december, the independent sect watchdog in our country sounding the alarm: also in Belgium there would be victims. We drew on research and found there are different. They tell how they were not heard and helped in the Organization and how they had to remain silent.

    So one of our victims tells how she was told: "this you need so now really for you, we do not want a libel on God's name. You have to trust us that we will lead in the right jobs. We will together one more time praying to God, and that's good. "

    .Internal legal system: the power of the ' elders '

    3.The Jehovah's witnesses have their own internal legal system where crimes result in a penalty. Such a legal Committee always consists of several men who the organization ' elders '. They examine allegations on the basis of biblical texts. We talked with several ex-elders. They tell how they have covered up sexual abuse of children and how the top of the organisation is aware of offenders but not to the police.

    "We had instructions that you get to sexual abuse first of all contact the head office here in Belgium," says an ex-elder, "and they would then instruct you how you proceed such ' contentious issues ' in the interest of the cleanliness of our further community would have to deal with. And then one of the first things they ask you, or that girl or we already come out. There is so to

    Covered up: "the word of the offender against your word"

    We also collected hundreds of pages via international whistleblowers secret internal legal documents and letters which explain step by step how things like sexual child abuse be handled indoors. Victim and offender must often appear together for the internal legal Committee. If the offender denies, there should be two testimonials are, only then is the perpetrator excluded from the organization. In sexual abuse this is almost never the case. Therefore, the abuse in many cases no consequences to the perpetrators.

    "There are never two testimonials", explains a former elder, "and how sad that is.


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