Did Satan keep on Attracting Demons to his side?

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  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    If you still believe in God and the Devil.

    Where did the demons come from?

    The WT says that they are the angels who came to earth and had relations with women on earth, who on return to heaven were thrown into Tartarus.

    And Tartarus according to the WT is not a place but a condition in darkness away from the light of God which sounds like the heavenly equivalent of a Naughty Step rather than a maximum security prison…

    Yet elsewhere in the Bible the wicked spirit creatures are active in heavenly places. (Eph 6:12)

    The Bible also describes demons being active on the earth at the same time as in the account of Jesus and the Gadarene swine (Luke 8:31-34).

    And in the Revelation account there's that big war in heaven between the forces of good and evil and the demons get booted out to fall spiralling down to the earth trailing fire like a shot down spitfire in WW2. (Don't you remember that really silly picture in the red study book!?)

    If after the flood the angels were put into lockdown (didn't Jesus preach to the spirits in prison?), where were all these other demons coming from in the centuries afterwards? Maybe Satan was continuously attracting more angels with doubts about God to his side?

    The WT explanation has never made sense. If you still believe in God or the Devil what is your take on the matter?

  • TonusOH

    I don't think the Bible ever specified how many angels turned away from God and joined Satan, nor does it tell how this process worked. Genesis 6 appears to refer to angels having sex with human women, and Revelation 12 mentions that the dragon (Satan) swept a third of the 'stars of heaven' down to Earth. If this is a reference to angels, it would imply that a lot of them joined the Devil. It does state that Satan and "his angels" were subsequently cast down to Earth.

    I don't recall if there is a specific reference to what happened to the angels from Genesis 6. But unless a very large number of them took human form in order to impregnate human women, it is reasonable to assume that other angels were led away from God by the Devil over time.

  • ThomasMore

    It does say that the ones who forsook their heavenly position took the daughters of men, “namely all whom they chose”. How many eligible women were there at that time so that each angel could take a harem? If their offspring were hybrids who could not reproduce, how long would it take before the population would have been in danger of extinction?

    There are not enough details in those few verses to determine what/how many/when/for how long. i decided that it was a waste of my time trying to figure it out. Sampling the 31 flavors at B&R was more fulfilling.

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