What are the benefits of doubts?

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  • psyco

    What are the benefits of having created the human mind being able to have doubts inside (or regarding) the true religion (Jude 22)?

    Because if you have doubts, you are not sure, so it is difficult to believe and trust. And if it is difficult to believe and trust, it is even more difficult to have faith since it is the "assured" expectation of what is hoped for (Hebrews 11:1). But no faith means no life, so doubts are leading to death. I am wondering why doubts exist... For what reason?

  • hoser

    If no one ever questioned anything humans would still be foraging in the woods to eke out an existence.

  • truth_b_known

    There are 3 pillars -

    Faith: You believe it works, but lack evidence.

    Doubt: Because you lack evidence you are not sure if it is true.

    Dedication: You don't want to believe. You want to know. So you diligently seek the facts and accept them as you discover them.

    All Abrahamic religion is built on one pillar - faith. It is considered a sin to doubt and frowned on to ask questions.

    Stay close to those who seek the truth and avoid those who claim the have found the truth.

  • joao

    No doubts = No knowledge

  • waton

    doubt, in french "doute". interesting when I looked up "doubt" in Einstein's mother tongue. " Zweifel" from

    "Zwei" =, 2, two. , like in second opinion. scepticism. It carries the thought that the present idea is just not the right one, but there is a better one available. then there is

    "Verzweifeln" verb, to give up, to be distressed about the current situation, troubled in doubt, with a certainty that the course is wrong beyond redress. so,

    applying this to the wt package of truthfacts , all based on the talking snake saga, You can give the benefit of a doubt to some of the kind souls in the association of br/ sisters, but you can verzweifeln, totally give up in desperation as to the current teachings. let them/ prod them to wake up.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    I doubt there is any real benefit.

  • waton

    Sea Breeze21 minutes agoI doubt there is any real benefit.

    do not be too sure. If you doubt that the scriptures are more than just that, the best that men could write at the time, you will be protected from the inevatible realisation, or lack of it, that your confidence was misplaced.

    I f you doubt, you will act with enough restrain and have taken a position to fall back on at all times.

    without a doubt, doubting will double your decisions to be a-droit, right, one day.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Doubt can keep you alive.

    For example, 'I doubt I can take that hairpin bend at 100 miles an hour'.

  • waton
    For example, 'I doubt I can take that hairpin bend at 100 miles an hour'. jjj

    right, many aeroplanes stall at that speed in a turn. and spin in.

  • LongHairGal


    We have doubts because we have reasoning ability and intelligence. We are able to hear a thing and our minds analyze it and kick it around and then we come to a conclusion.

    It’s being involved in a cult or fear-based religion that gets us to doubt our own God given intelligence and causes us to ignore the obvious and makes us stupid, in my opinion.

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