What do Jehovahs Witnesses do about stalking and intimidation

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  • Peer Barber Meyer
    Peer Barber Meyer

    What is the official line of the Witesess vis a vis stalking and illegal wiretapping. Do they ever report the officials to the police or is it just accepted as normal?

  • DesirousOfChange

    Never heard of any kind of illegal wiretapping.

    Stalking? As in following an unfaithful spouse around to get evidence? Yeah, I know "innocent" spouses that have done that and even have recruited Cong Elders (but family members) to assist, but the Borg would say it is NOT at their direction.

  • waton

    stalking is a wide field. If it is a personal affair, the elders might call legal, and treat it as a personal problem and leave the parties to sort it out.

  • just fine
    just fine

    More than one person I know has been stalked by elders.

  • Peer Barber Meyer
    Peer Barber Meyer

    Even when they use people from other orginizations that have vendettas against people?

    I am saying this because a company here.com was annoyed with one of our members and its employee for exposing criminal defamation against former employees. They would spread lies and defame former employees in order to cause them hard. He exposed this in an indirect manner, making them think that he was a victim of some opression, when he was simply fed up with the hypocrisy and intimidation that was talking place. Perhaps that orginization is too much like the witnessess.

    So a sister, Christine Kingston, would accept lies about this brother from a here employee, d. rhoda, about this brother which involved illegal wiretaps made of this activities. The elders did nothing about it. In fact one special elder, named Rolf N, who had spent 7 months in brooklyn (probably was exposed as a good for nothing there, because he would only say could not get a green card and had to leave the country - lies obviously - and in anyone knows about this one in the 90s coming from germany to brookly I would dearly like to know the truth, please let us know) knew about t his and gave his blessing.

    What are these people, Gods to decide what is right and what is wrong? Why are they witholding evidence?

    I now have a problem because my wife was selected to inform this brother indirectly of what was going on and how the congregation approved of this illegal activity. He was taken all legal means, even asking my fellow employees and gymnasiums that I go to in Berlin to peddle Pearson ELT products about my conduct and all I can do is lie about the terrible clandestine illegal things that we have done. And all this is approved of and even encouraged.

  • scratchme1010
    What is the official line of the Witesess vis a vis stalking and illegal wiretapping. Do they ever report the officials to the police or is it just accepted as normal?

    As much as JWs claim not to be part of the world, they are. There's no difference between them and the rest of the world. They claim that they don't do anything wordly, but the reality is that in that organization you find the same thing that you find outside, good people and bad people.

    That means that every time you want to find out "What do Jehovahs Witnesses do about..." whatever, please keep that in mind. They are pretend set apart from the world, but they aren't. The answer is always the same that the rest of the world does.

  • atomant

    l know of an elder who stalked a brother for attending brothels.

  • shadylady

    Scratchme 1010, they are exactly like the world. They coordinate with the world to stalk, harass, character assassinate, and career sabotage former members. Does the GB sanction it? Theocratic warfare means we'll not know till god handles it.


    Targeted on a wide scale. Trust out the door.

  • Vidiot
    Peer Barber Meyer - "What do JWs do about stalking and intimidation?"

    "Wait on Jehovah"?

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