JW Broadcasting: The Life of a Special Pioneer

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  • Gorbatchov

    We have now a special announcement of brother Splane, a member of the Governing Body.

    Today, we are proud to announce a new Kingdom Melody: The Life of a Special Pioneer.

    That's nice isn't it? <applause>

    We all are thankful that the Governing Body is cooking up what Jehovah is serving. <applause>

    So, now we know that, please watch the trilling video of this new song provided

    by Jehovah's slave. <applause>

    Think also about how special it is, that the Governing Body provided the facilities for composing,

    recording en editing this song for Jehovah. <applause>

    So now we know that, we all can take benefit of it and be humble about it. Are you? <applause>

    One of the Helpers of the Governing Body, brother Shafer, will introduce the song, let's see: <silence>

  • jookbeard
    a life of a special pioneer, will soon be queuing at the Welfare/State Benefit Centre trying to claim any benefits they think they could be entitled to, shopping at Walmart/Aldi/Lidl, and missing their own congregations meeting while a Local Needs talk is read out so that the local cong can help contribute some more,more more, sadly the next part will be sitting in a doctors waiting room waiting for a prescription for anti depressants. Serving jeehovah all these years certainly did suck.

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