Grooming Young Ones

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  • Listener

    I came across a Youtuber 'Ask a Jehovah's Witness' who phoned an Elder and spoke to him about some of his concerns regarding children and the JW org website. He made some very valid points.

    He came across a very disturbing instruction directed towards teenagers on the JW website. It's under the heading of 'Teenagers Ask: How to Avoid Pornography'. There is a recommendation to make the following solemn promise -

    I will talk to a mature friend if I have a relapse

    At best, why doesn't it say to talk to your parents or a 'spiritually strong' close friend. It's telling the child to talk to someone older, as in mature. It's just wrong to make this suggestion.

    Even later under the same topic, the following suggestion is made

    Talk to someone. Choosing a confidant is often an important step in breaking the habit.—Proverbs 17:17.

    No suggestions are made as to who that 'confidant' should be other than the earlier statement about talking to a 'mature friend'.

  • pale.emperor

    Imagine a young sister approaching an older elder telling him each week that she had a relapse and masturbated. You telling me that elder isnt gonna have mental imagery?

    For godsakes Watchtower, lets us have a wank if we want one.

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