Another comment from an Advanced Reader for S. Identity vol. 2

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  • vienne

    I'm almost done reading it myself. I'm impressed but since my mom was one of the writers, I am prejudiced.

    Here is the latest comment

  • blondie

    Thanks for sharing, vienne. It has been a long road with a good ending.

  • vienne

    A recent review of volume 1 found at

    User Review - Magnificent. I have never read a book on Jehovah's Witnesses so meticulously researched. B. W. Schulz and R. M. de Vienne (recently deceased) are to be congratulated for shining a light on this little understood period (1870-1887) of Bible Student history. They refute the myths that have grown up and been perpetuated by both friends and foes of the movement. These are replaced by concrete facts which are fully and laboriously footnoted. I could not recommend this book more highly.
  • sparky1

    When will volume 2 be available for purchase? Will it be made available on Amazon?

  • vienne

    March next seems to be the target date. It will be available on Amazon and lulu and Barnes and Noble and other book sites.

  • Gorbatchov

    Great research and publication, please don't stop it!


  • vienne

    I'm not sure why my initial post merited a thumbs down, but one cannot please everyone.

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