So he had a traumatic child hood?

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  • zeb

    and the judge said the offender has no other conviction for violence.. tsk ....then such gang attackers should be instantly deported..what they have family? good they go too; never to be allowed to return.

    This sickening attack will receive little or no public airing. But, if the cop had used a gun and shot one of them the bleeding hearts and the "Greens Party" supporters would be out in force.

    anyone entering Australia should be seriously warned break the law and you are on the next boat back but obviously no such warning is ever given.

  • smiddy3

    Australia is far too soft on crimes committed by coloured migrants and offers pathetic excuses for the brutal violent crimes they commit .

    I firmly believe the only way to get through to these communities is to hold the whole family responsible for the sickening crimes they are engaging in. And deport the whole family back to wherever they came from and only then will the message sink in that Australia won`t tolerate these acts of violence and crimes commited by migrants that supposedly come over here for a better life.

    Home invasions ,with baseball bats and machettes ,car jackings ,groups of coloureds attacking individuals for mobile phones and even brand name shoes are not uncommon and dare I say the Sudanese people are at the top of the offenders list.

    send them all back home who commit these crimes and their familys ,and dont tell me I`m racist i`m not .

    I just believe justice should be done for everyone regardless of skin colour ,race or religion or politics.

  • blondie

    Actually, regardless of color, I see some responsibility in families for actions of family members, i.e., providing sanctuary in their homes knowing of these family members actions, lying for them; in these situations, I do believe that these family members make themselves complicit and there are laws that deal with that.. Having a family history of criminals and criminal activity, I have stayed separate and have been willing to and have acted against so-called family loyalties to protect the public from their activities.

    There is just as much danger from so-called people of non color, for the same reasons, and I believe the laws should be applied to them as well.

    It is not a good idea to attribute criminal activity to just one group, based on color, gender, etc, it is equal opportunity, based on my experience working in several agencies that are directly involved with prisons, jails, and probation/parole.

  • zeb

    In one country town in my state no one will employ the African migrants put there by the govt as they rob any employer blind so they are all living on social security.

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