Leah Remini's book, "Troublemaker"

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  • DisArmed
    Just finished Leah Remini's book, "Troublemaker." Very good book that easily resonates, I'm sure, with anyone who has exited a cult. Her life in Scientology and eventual exit was a nightmare. Much of the writing could easily have Scientology crossed out and WTB&TS substituted and the writing be true. I don't know much about Remini other than what is in the book, but I thought it was well done. Excellent read and flowed well.. I recommend to any current or former cult members. Anyone else had the chance to read and have an opinion?
  • possum
    Haven't read the book but have recently viewed the movie "Going Clear". Since then I strongly identify Watchtower with the cult of scientology rather than any other religous org. Same modus operandi.
  • Finkelstein

    Yes I've read it and you can pin point similar aspects to the Scientology cult to the JWS organization. particularly the DFing or subversive shunning directives placed by both. An orchestrated policy set about to place a protective wall around their adherents from outside opposition. The fact that both organizations have a publishing business at their operative core cant be missed either.

    Ron L Hubbard created the pseudo science of Dianetics himself as a means to attract more attention to his books which he wrote and also assumed would eventually make him more money, as people started to read and consume his unsupported practical theories of self improvement.

    Unfortunately his book got into the hands of many young naive and gullible people such as John Travolta and Tom Cruise and they were mentally indoctrinated to be exploited for money. The core intent nevertheless is the procurement of money by means of mental indoctrination, forced loyalty, fear and guilt, which again has direct similarities to the JWS organization /publishing cult.

  • the comet
    the comet
    Finished the book yesterday. Many obvious correlations to jw's. I think it could be a good book to share with mentally in friends/family. Have them read it and it might start a conversation that could lead to someone waking up.
  • wannaexit
    I saw her interview on 20/20. It was eerily similar to the jw experiences with the shunning and being considered a subversive person. But I wonder if she would have stayed if the incident at the wedding would have been different. I'd like to get the book and read it too.
  • millie210

    I havent read the book but did see part of an interview with her. I like that she circumvented the bad things they were going to say about her by saying them about herself first.

    That was smart and funny.

  • LongHairGal
    How interesting that these religions follow a similar template! Hmmm.
  • flipper
    We saw the 20/20 interview with Leah and it was very exposing about the abuses, similar to " Going Clear " on HBO but not as long time wise. I'm definitely going to purchase this book and read of her experiences. It may indeed give me some ideas about eventually reaching my JW daughters still in the JW 's. Peace out, Mr. Flipper.
  • arwen
    I read the book recently. She was involved as a child by her mother. A terrible life on the inside but she was totally in. One good thing was when she left her mother stepfather n sister left too. It is very similar to the way JW's run their dog and pony show!!! Great read!!!
  • everbrighterhal

    I just finished this and find it strangely comforting. At the same time, it is heartbreaking to think of how many other people are enslaved in cults of different "faiths."

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