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  • LostintheFog1999

    With so much being said about the JWs shunning policies again at the present time I thought it would be worth reposting this article.

  • ThomasMore

    When JWs, then my family started shunning me, I was hurt and disturbed - at first. As time went on, I began to realize that life was easier without them and all the guilting, self-righteousness, mean-spirited remarks and social punishing. Life is BETTER!! Their shunning is a GIFT to me. I wouldn’t have it any other way now. Seriously!!!

  • smiddy3

    I`m of the belief that when they shun you it`s their loss not ours.

  • telmac

    I get shunned and I am not even DAd or DFd :) I couldn't give a monkey's because I do not want their friendship or good wishes - in fact I don't want anything to do with them!

  • HiddlesWife

    I get shunned and I am not even DAd or DFd

    This is very true, especially when a dub missed meetings, assemblies, conventions, and/or memorials. In a couple of former congs, if any of my family members or myself missed more than 2 meetings within 2 months, we were soft-shunned for a few weeks at a time by the SPIMIs. Further, in those congs, if any dubs or VZs (Visitors: People who studied, but decided not to get baptized) didn't COMMENT, these folks were also soft-to-hard shunned by SPIMIs and those dubs who supported these ARROGANT/NARCISSISTIC followers for quite a long time! 😒😫

  • telmac

    I know they have a system called 'marking' which is not as severe as shunning (in their warped little minds) but a marked person is still viewed as persona non grata. I was marked before I left (and as I said above, I was not DFd or DAd), at least I could feel the cold shoulders and sneering behind my back. I think it was because I was outspoken (as a 'sister' I should have been ), I always worked the 'do not calls' (just for the craic) and I spoke to the 'unclean' at the back of the hall (the disfellowshipped ones). I could not just walk past somebody without saying hello, and we were told to follow Christ. I remember asking an elder whether he believed Jesus would ignore the disfellowshipped ones and walk past them without a word of encouragement. This elder told me I shouldn't ask such questions as it showed a rebellious spirit....... go figure.

  • LongHairGal


    Back when I was in, I experienced soft shunning to some degree due to my full-time job.

    I didn’t have a name for it but the feeling was like being on a job where there was a clique that didn’t like you.. But, with the Witnesses, I didn’t care for what I saw at a distance (the judgy preachiness) and I wouldn’t really have wanted them around me.

    So, I’m out many years and retired…As others have said, it was no loss to me.. So, if the religion’s stupid shunning routine had a purpose, it failed with me. Thankfully.

  • Vanderhoven7

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