Barbara Grizzuti Harrison's Vision of Glory now online for free

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  • darkspilver

    Read Barbara Grizzuti Harrison's Vision of Glory, online, for free at

    I understand that Barbara gave her permission to publish her book for free at the above website - I don't think it is available else where??

  • Giordano

    I read Chapter 10: Leaving 1955

    It was an interesting read because I was familar with Bethel in late 1950's, the jazz clubs etc. she mentioned.

    She was one of only 45 women at Bethel at that time which had 450 brothers.

    It's very dense writing...... very improvisational like Jazz.

    The scene I enjoyed the most........ even made me grunt out loud was her telling Nathan Knorr that she was leaving Bethel. During this visit he sat with his back towards her looking out his office window at the Statute of Liberty and saying very little to her.

    The rest of the chapter was about how she came to leave the 'truth' itself.

  • steve2

    An intelligent, insightful, gritty account from a woman raised in the religion and who left and had a successful life as a well published writer.

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