Jesus rejected Mosaic concept of God

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  • Ireneus

    Moses formulated his own image of God (in violation of the very essence of Exodus 20:4) thus believed God is like humans who feel love is ‘you must do what I want’ [rather than giving others the space in which ‘they can do what they want and still I love them’] and conveyed into the readers this weak image of God who takes revenge/laments for not being loved. Thus OT image of God is someone who is actively involved in the responses of people on earth.

    However, Jesus conveyed the truth about God when he said God makes provisions for life’s enjoyment equally for all types of people alike (Mathew 5:44-47) as He wishes good for all people [benevolence for its own sake] and renews the same in case they are depleted/destroyed (Mathew 19:28) with no intervention whatsoever in between. Thus Jesus presented an image of God who is not actively involved in the responses of people on earth because there is a guiding mechanism already in place—externally and internally.

    1. External: People can easily choose their course of action looking at the results available in plenty because anyone can see the chain of action in anyone’s case: destiny is the result of habit, and habit is the result of tendency, and tendency is the result of repeated action, and action is the result of thinking and thinking is the result of belief system, and belief system is the result of family, religion, country … into which one is born. That means there is a starting point and an end point for anything that happens—small or big. What is true of individual is also true of nations (individuals collective). Anyone can change for good or bad and reap accordingly.
    2. Internal: Researchers from the universities of Coventry and Radboud, through 18 studies — featuring 846 participants over 11 years—found that relaxation activities as improving “physical health by causing observable molecular changes in the form of differential gene expression.” ( Simply put, stress [which is one’s choice] causes molecular reactions in DNA bringing ill-effects, and relaxation activities [which are one’s choice] reverse molecular reactions in DNA bringing good-effects. One can choose the type of thinking that either nourishes his body and mind or contaminates/weakens them.

    Nine benedictions Jesus spoke in the sermon on the mount are something anyone can attain if he chooses to do so. No wonder Bible says “put off new personality” as something that can be done as easily as one changes his cloths. Thus OT concept of God is of no use as Jesus spoke truth about God and about us.

  • smiddy3

    And smiddy 3 rejects the Mosaic concept of God and the the Jesus Christian concept of God and lo and behold the Governing Body of Jehovah`s Witnesses concept of God.

    My word is just as valid or greater as any of theirs .

    My word is in the here and now and not 2000 or 4000 years ago..

  • Ireneus


    When I pondered over stellar nucleosynthesis, I too felt, like Sir Fred Hoyle, struck by the unlikelihood of carbon’s existence and was convinced that any carbon [a key component of all known life on Earth] forming in a star would soon disappear to form oxygen which means there must be an unknown process responsible for the universe’s carbon. In other words, universe is anthropic (the properties of the universe must support the conscious life that has evolved to observe it.) Somebody was guiding as in the case of a caricature being drawn.

    This is what Jesus implied in Mathew 5:44-47 where he simply used the layman’s language. That is the beauty of him. A great person can say things only great people can understand. But it takes a genius to say great truth in simple terms which could equally be understood by both—ordinary and great people alike.

  • venus

    That means Jesus would also reject God's name as supposedly revealed to Moses with all its implications which explains why Jesus spoke of God as simply "Our Father" not as Jehovah which has to do with bringing Israelites from Egypt, a temporary act of saving--something that cannot determine the very meaning of God's name. Thus Exodus 6:3 makes sense: "I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob as God Almighty,[a] but by my name Jehovah I did not make myself fully known to them." If it were necessary that God should reveal His name, it should have started with more important characters than Moses, from the beginning of history.

  • 2+2=5
    Wrong, again.
  • smiddy3

    My point being I`m not a highly educated man and it does not take a highly educated person to see all the flaws ,inconsistency`s ,contradictions ,absurdities , etc,etc,contained in the Bible and their are a variety of versions available all offering different books to choose from .

    And one helluva lot more scriptures relating to the religion of the Bible that humans in their wisdom not God`s / Jehovah`s deemed not worthy of making it into any of the accepted Bible cannon in use today.

    At least I have the advantage of knowing and having at my fingertips a lot more information that wasn`t available to any of the bible writers of times past plus the historical record that has now passed since their time.

    And that is why I posted as I did above.

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