My mother has nervous breakdown because we missed the memorial.

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  • brandnew
    Very baffling cookie......especially to persons like us who are awake.
  • fulltimestudent

    There is, or mused to be, a certain procedure to follow if inadvertently someone missed being at the "correct" (WT ordained) time/place memorial.

    I've forgotten the details, and choose not to attempt to recall any more information.

  • sowhatnow

    what god does she worship who would be angry for missing a gathering in such dangerous weather possibly getting killed, when she could have listened in on a phone tie in someplace else if she wanted to?

    does she know what it means to be forgiving and yielding and compassionate? would she expect her family to condemn someone for missing her funeral if there was an ice storm?

    i dont think so, so that would make her better than god.

    there is not one scripture in that book that says people have to go to a church on a certain day.

    it does say

    as often as you drink it......... no time or limit.

    there is no scriptures that say anyone other than the 11 apostles had to do that.

    not a one that can find.

  • GrreatTeacher

    What is it with grown adult JWs and temper tantrums?

    My mother threw a blue fit one time because my father let us kids stay home from hall cleaning. It turned into a really big and ugly fight.

    The truth was that we were home secretly packing the family's suitcases because my dad was surprising my mom with a weekend getaway for us all.

    We did get a begrudging apology later, but it was so much unnecessary drama in the first place.

  • Ding

    When I first studied with the WT, the JW leading the study criticized Christendom because so many people only show up at Easter or Christmas in order to be seen.

    He compared it to a superstition.

    Amazing how similar the Memorial is to many JWs...

  • TakeOffTheCrown


    You should not have done this to your mother.

  • nonjwspouse

    The blizzard did this to his mother. Can you not read? It was dangerous for them to go and he did the COMMON SENSE, SAFE thing. sheesh!!!!
  • cookiemaster
    TakeOffTheCrown - LOL, do what? I didn't do anything. I didn't create a blizzard that made driving nearly impossible. It just happened. Of course I wasn't too joyful about going to the memorial. But since it so obviously meant the world to my parents (especially my mother), I agreed.

    Even though I've made my "apostate" and even atheistic views clear to them, I don't want them to think that this changed me into some rude monster. I presented them with all the rational arguments that exist against this cult. They still can't come to grasp with it, probably because they wasted their entire lives pioneering.

    Our views on religion now clearly differ and while we don't agree, we're tried to remain civil about it and maintain good personal relations. We're all adults and free to make our own choices. I didn't forbid my mother to attend the memorial or put any obstacle into her doing so.In fact, I even agreed to provide transportation. But it just wasn't possible in the end, and there's no point in risking our lives needlessly.
  • DNCall

    " . . . Superstition ain't the way." (Stevie Wonder)

  • kairos

    Find out how many braved the weather and attended.
    That would be interesting.

    Reason would have us hope very few could or would be willing to drive in a life threatening situation for 'loyalty'?

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