My mother has nervous breakdown because we missed the memorial.

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  • Marcial

    N'est-il pas prévu que pour ceux qui seraient éloignés ou empêchés de venir a cette ( fête) ennuyeuse de se réunir un mois plus tard tout comme cela était possible pour les Hébreux qui ne pouvaient célébrer la Paque instituée avant la sortie d'Egypte.

    (Nombres 9:11-14) [...] C’est au deuxième mois, le quatorzième jour, entre les deux soirs, qu’ils le prépareront. Ils le mangeront avec des gâteaux sans levain et des herbes amères. 12 Ils n’en devront rien laisser jusqu’au matin, et ils n’en briseront pas un os. Selon toute l’ordonnance de la Pâque, ils le prépareront. 13 Mais quand l’homme était pur ou ne se trouvait pas en voyage, [s’]il a négligé de préparer le sacrifice pascal, alors cette âme-là devra être retranchée de son peuple, car elle n’a pas présenté en son temps fixé l’offrande de Jéhovah. Cet homme répondra de son péché. 14 “ ‘ Et si un résident étranger réside chez vous comme étranger, il devra, lui aussi, préparer le sacrifice pascal pour Jéhovah. Selon l’ordonnance de la Pâque et selon sa règle, ainsi fera-t-il. Il n’existera pour vous qu’une ordonnance, tant pour le résident étranger que pour l’indigène du pays. ’ ”

    Ce que ce texte mentionne c'est que ce sont tous les hébreux mais aussi tous les résidents étrangers qui devaient participer a cette commémoration -

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane
    In the '80s it was taught that intentional absence at the memorial was an unforgivable sin which was punishable by death at Armageddon.
  • zeb

    merci bien. is there a French speaker who translate for us.

    sil vous plait

  • Carol1111
    If you highlight the text and right click it brings down a menu where you can click on 'translate'.
    It is not intended for those who would be distant or prevented to come has this (Festival) boring to meet a month later just as it was possible for the Hebrews who could not celebrate the Passover instituted before the release of Egypt.

    (NUM. 9:11-14) [...] It is in the second month, on the fourteenth day in the evening, that they prepare. They will eat it with unleavened bread and bitter herbs cakes. 12. they must leave nothing until the morning, and they did not break a bone. Under the Ordinance of the Passover, they will prepare it. 13 but when the man was pure or was not travelling, [if] it failed to prepare the Paschal sacrifice, then this soul there will have to be deducted from his people, because it had failed in its fixed time the offering of Jehovah. This man will answer for her sin. 14 '' ' and if a foreign resident resides with you as a foreigner, he must also prepare the Paschal sacrifice to Jehovah. " Under the Ordinance of the Passover and under his rule, so will he. There for you as an order, both for the foreign resident for the native of the country. ’ ”

    What this text mentions is that these are all the Hebrews but also all foreign residents who had to participate has this commemoration -.
  • brandnew
    One thing i dont do to my elderly say im going to do something for him.....and not do it. Sorry, but ya shoulda told em no from the get go.
  • cookiemaster
    Brandnew - If I had done that she would've had her nervous breakdown right at the news of my refusal. I explained to them all the problems with this cult but they still wanted to go. Had no other way to get there other than with me, so I thought I shouldn't be and asshole and force them not to go. They would've hated me for it. Now they can hate Jehovah for giving us crappy weather.
  • dbq407
    You were better off staying home, wasn't your fault a blizzard hit. I had a friend killed a month ago while going home from meeting during a blizzard, pretty sure you would have felt worse if something like that would have happened, had you gone to the memorial.
  • brandnew

    Gotcha !!! Damned if ya did

    Damned when ya didnt. That sucks.

  • cookiemaster
    dbq407 - So sorry for your loss. It was indeed the right decision to make. Today I've learned that multiple semi trucks went off the road due to the weather conditions and blocked the entire mountain pass for the rest of the night. So, if we would have went, we would've risked not only a huge fine from the police, injury or death from a possible accident but also remaining stuck for the entire night on top of a mountain pass. At least at home we had comfort and security and today my mother managed to got over her "loss" of not being there for the memorial. So, yes, she had a terrible tantrum because of it, but overall we've all been much better off this way.
  • cookiemaster
    Brandnew - Thanks for understanding! It was a lose-lose situation, but all things considered it turned out okay. But what amazes me is how strong the brainwashing can be in my mother's mind. She nearly died because of the blood policy. Took blood and is considered DA'd since. Everyone shuns her. I've shown her slowly and steadily TTAT. Yet, she still believes in Jehovah, the borg and the importance of attending the memorial. Honestly, it's baffling.

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