We want to be Catholics too!!!

by pbrow 3 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • pbrow

    How long before the WTBTS handlers decide that nu-light concerning "Ordained Minister" must be revealed? How long until they decide that they absolutely must have an official Clergy class in order to benefit from clergy/penitent loopholes?


  • Vidiot

    The only kind of people who fight for their "right" to keep secrets...


    ...are people hiding the very dirtiest of secrets.

  • talesin

    3 Cheers for Reveal, CIR, and Trey Bundy!

    But as for the Tower,


    .A Reveal investigation last year found that since 1989, Jehovah’s Witnesses leaders have instructed elders in the U.S. not to report child abuse by members of their congregations.
    The Watchtower currently is facing more than a dozen lawsuits brought by alleged child abuse victims in the U.S. The Delaware case is a rare instance in which a state agency is suing a religious organization over its handling of child abuse.

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