Load is getting lighter and yolk so kindly it’s hardly there👏

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  • jehovaxx

    I heard an answer recently about how Jesus said my yolk is kindly and my load is light.

    He actually as good as said JWLITE but not in so many words.

    he said Jehovah and Jesus know it’s getting harder in these critical times so have made the load even lighter and the yolk even more kindly with padding.

    All the changes recently, No more reports, beards allowed it’s JW lite with actually calling it such. Zoom meetings and ministry groups, new meeting format in January that is so easy there is no preparation needed. Anyone could turn up on the day not even having looked at the material and give any item as it’s all on rails.

    People were talking after the meeting “There is so much new light it’s as if Jesus is saying We know you are finding things hard, here let me make the load even lighter still.”

    How could the load be made even more lighter? Next new lite on birthday’s, blood, advanced education?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    who is "he" ?

  • jehovaxx

    The brother who commented at the meeting. And he is a prominent brother who has several decades in the ‘troof’

    he is friends with some top dogs in Bethel so when he said it’s as if Jesus is making our load even lighter still it got everyone talking. What is going to be the next new light to make the load even light again?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    oh--i was expecting you to say "he" heard it from jehovah personally.

  • enoughisenough

    a few months back Flodine, in a video was discussing that scripture about Jesus yoke being kind....in that discourse, he said listening to the GB was likened to listening to the voice of Jesus. So now the GB are lessing the load...maybe no connection...Whatever the reason for the GB new lite, it isn't because of Jesus's voice.

  • Magnum
    There is so much new light it’s as if Jesus is saying We know you are finding things hard

    Where the F was Jesus when I was slaving and suffering and sacrificing in misery and poverty as a fulltime JW for decades. I lived in an old barn loft, a dirty warehouse, two old travel trailers, and in other primitive ways. I always had old, high-mileage cars that stressed me out because there was always something wrong with them. Life was sheer misery. I lived in an area prone to natural disasters and I was so miserable as a JW that I liked natural disasters because they gave me a break from the misery of the JW routine.

    These lame-ass JWs today don't know what "hard" is. And, if Jesus thinks they're having hard times, then he's not qualified as a judge.

  • joe134cd

    People like that are better off left there. Sadly my father is also one of them.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Stoll judgemental, overbearing. Prejudices. Shunning.

    Super preachy about love, but little shown.

  • Foolednomore

    Watchtower is so full of Sh!t!

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    How much lighter can Jesus load get and how more comfortable can his yoke be?

    If someone stays on zoom meetings and ministry and only goes in person a few times a year then how much easier could it be?

    If men grow beards and can still have all the advantages, you won’t be looked down on.

    No more reporting requirements, and this is just the start. I predict the load getting even lighter still, and the yoke even more comfortable.

    Yes I predict next sisters can wear pants if it’s cold and they say their legs get cold, but then it will carry over and sisters will wear pants a lot of the time.

    Out of all the celebrations I think birthdays will be the first to have the load lighter. Then blood fractions will go even further like how the cell saver machine can be used and maybe even a halfway option to have blood transfusions if life depended on it. This new direction will of course be taken further.

    The advanced education will also have new directions saying as long as aware of dangers it’s ok to go for advanced education and this again will be taken further than the GB wanted.

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