Caleb's mom in university ad

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Ad on tv had the exact cartoon figures as caleb, Sophia and parents. I cant convince anyone PIMI that the GB didnt come up with the programming all by themselves. The mormon kids look similar too. Probably the animation, story fleshing out and all is done by some commercial firm, or at least the license comes from them to do the toons

    Related; I take great pleasure in showing the cover of the Eternal Flame album as I play the song. Another thing PIMIs refuse to understand

  • hoser

    Link to ad or it didn’t happen, however I would be willing to believe that both religions are using the same consulting firm. There are just way too many similarities.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    The consulting firm business is what I mean

    BTW. Is sparlock copyrighted?

  • cognitivedizzy

    Wow such a lovely ad !! Tons of witnesses in India are jobless because they did not do a collage degree , some pioneered are now out of pioneering and struggling to meet ends, my heart goes out to them as some are very dear friends

  • Eustace

    University of Phoenix is a scam for profit college. Whoever controls this CGI program only rents it out to evil scammers.

  • keinlezard


    I could imagine that it's software dependant. Like some other piece of software

    like sweethome3D, or simpler all the soft we could find on ikea


    In that sort of programm choices are poor and limited ...

    Another possibility is that "watchtowerian" animator are low level animator ( just a consequence of "no higher education" , "no university" and it was all that these jw-animator could make ...

    Maybe a combination of the two :)

    Best regards

  • tiki

    Yeah....she got fed up with the whole thing and divorced. She got the kids but was left in a bad money situation so had to take the factory job given she had no skills or education from pioneering prior to marriage. But she wised up and realized she needed to make a better life for them so signed onto an online degree program. She made it work! Another success story. And Caleb and Sophia grew up happy and mentally healthy despite a rough start in life.

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