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  • Atlantis

    Hi Slimboyfat:

    Slimboyfat I put the links out here in case someone else wants these KMs. And sometimes folks can't email us because of circumstances where they live. They may have JW's in the home and don't feel comfortable writing to us.

    Here are those Kingdom Ministry's you wanted. They are in zipped folders, so just use 7-zip or whatever you have to unzip.

    I have the Kingdom News No. 9 for the United States, but you need the one for the UK with the article about the church and Scotland. I have a friend in the UK checking on that for you.

    1960s KM-ALL

    1970s KM-ALL

  • ElderEtta

    Atlantis you are one of our Treasures thank you so very much

  • Atlantis


    Well, just pull up a chair and have some coffee and hot rolls! Thank you very much! We have all the Kingdom Ministry's so if anybody needs any of them just let us know.

    If Petra was here today she would saturate you with recipes.


  • Atlantis

    Freedom rocks:

    Here are the download links for those two books you wanted.

    The Finished Mystery. This version has the banned pages included and is easier to read. Just type in the word: ( Patriot ) in the PDF search window and you will see the pages.

    And here is the --Children--book you wanted.

  • Freedom rocks
    Freedom rocks

    Thank you Atlantis

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