Kingdom Hall Maintenance arrangements under LDC

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  • wifibandit

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  • darkspilver

    Thanks wifi

    I had a problem working out how to construct the right link for the youtube playlist, kept getting an error - I ended up with the following construction following the youtube . com bit


  • blondie

    I'm not surprised the WTS has finally gotten someone with smarts to take care of the KHs as property.

    My husband was surprised how lax the maintenance was in the congregations we were in. One signed up brothers and put their names on the information board without asking first. Did not make them show up. My husband wasn't baptized yet but worked with the one brother who did....that brother brought beer to drink....The mowers were not maintained. A crap snow remover...too cheap to hire it out, had the money. Another brother did the maintenance after the CO said to stop going through the elders, just present to bill for repayment for parts, etc., to the maintenance overseer.

    The CO was supposed to do a maintenance inspection at every congregation visit, but then stopped, or was told by the WTS to stop doing it. Was supposed to be for insurance purposes.

    So now they are evaluating the KHs and realizing that they weren't being taken care of.

    Hubbie just laughed. He was not raised a jw and was surprised at the laxness, his old church took care of things.

    The only thing the WTS understands is money.

  • ssn587

    Elders took it upon themselves to assign various brothers maintenance duties without even asking then first. I was assigned outside maintenance once and of course didnt do it. When the assigning ass asked me why told him I don't work for him nor the congregation and that he was an ass to even think so. I also told him I don't remember volunteering not giving you power to tell me what to do so get the hell away from and leave me alone. He of course told my booking study conductor and so I Told the conductor he didn't have the power either. The book study was held at our house so told him you have to find another house as you are no longer invited in mine and neither are the rest. That didn't go over well with the elders but I didn't care, Surprisingly they never bothered me again.

  • garlic81

    Videos are no longer working when I try to download them or save to my google drive.

  • garlic81

    Videos are no longer working when I try to download or save them to my google drive.

  • darkspilver

    Hi garlic81

    Videos are no longer working when I try to download or save them to my google drive.

    Both youtube and google links are working for me ok

  • JunkYardDog

    ssn587; one of the best posts i have read here in 15 yrs. bttt

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