Have Witnesses made more false prophecies then any other religion??

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Armagedon in 1914 Rutherford 1925 1940's the fascist catholic take over Franz 1975 and 2000 the 1914 generation will not die. Now the generation that new the generation....this must break a world record of false prophecies in ANY religion.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I think I missed some

  • NotFormer

    That's a hard one to gauge. People and churches who set dates are usually self-correcting. They usually have a second swing at bat when the first date fails, generally the following year. Usually* because they didn't take into account the difference between the solar and lunar calendars or some such nonsense. William Miller did this with 1843/44, Russell with 1873/74 and Ed Wisenant with 1988/89**. Miller gave up but his successors, the SDAs, were wise enough to stick with the one date and stop setting them. Russell tried again with 1914. Ed faded into oblivion.

    You're pretty well right. For a religion that has set quite a few dates, the JWs have been surprisingly successful. They may have learned their lesson about setting specific dates, but they're still trying to whip up the urgency thing.

    Interestingly, a couple of decades ago, WT were sniffing around the idea of adding the 120 years that Noah took to build the ark to 1914, presumably to give them a new final date of 2034. If they had decided to run with that one, we might have been seeing a new frenzy beginning to develop, as started in the late 60s with the lead up to 1975. However, the recent WT seems to negate that altogether. They've stopped using Noah and the closing of the ark door as a type.

    Will they never set another date? The trend seems to suggest "No". Let's hope they keep following the trend.

    * Usually I don't say "usually" this much. 🙄

    ** I imagine any JWs who called upon any readers of Ed's book, 88 Reasons why Jesus will Return in 1988, would have had some great animated discussions about the clashing prophetic interpretations which both turned out to be wrong (1988 versus the end of our twentieth century). JWs weren't afraid of a discussion back then.

  • Jeffro

    The Watchtower, 1 May 2014, page 3:

    Doomsday prophet Harold Camping and his disciples widely advertised that the earth would be destroyed in 2011. Needless to say, the world is still here.

    The irony. 😂

  • NotFormer

    Jeffro, Seriously?? They went there?? The effrontery is palpable!

    The irony of that article being 100 years after 1914 should not be lost on us, either.

  • TonusOH

    Camping is a high-profile example, but even he was only wrong three times.

  • FragrantAddendum

    the gb's biggest lie

    is that they call themselves "jehovah's witnesses"

    when they are actually satanists purposely blaspheming jehovah by teaching false prophecies because they hate jehovah

    they are very very naughty

  • blondie

    I would find it amazing if any ex-jw would be that savvy with how many false statements any religion has made. That would have to be a scholarly document that covers at least as far back as 1879 the timeframe for the start of the WTS. I have found lists online which I might find and put here. There have been much larger religions (Christian) that have mislead more people. Also, it is subject to interpretation what is "false" depending on the researcher. I was always fascinated by the Worldwide Church of God headed up by Herbert Armstrong. In recent years there has been at least one split and a change in doctrine in the new one. I heard jws in the past compare the WT to their magazines, as closest to the WTS!!!

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