Shunning and who does it?

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  • Giordano

    Only the most gross and controlling religions shun...... it's a tool for coercing someone to shut up and go along or lose contact with friends and family.

    They often don't know why they have to shun a family member or a friend just that they are compelled to do so or suffer the same punishment.......... that's a criminal act by the way........ it's coercion. Coercion means you are being forced to act in a certain way where you would normally not be inclined to act in that manner.

    "Family estrangement is the norm in Jehovah's Witness families. Every Jehovah's Witness suffers from shunning - either you're being shunned, or you have to shun. We learned to shun each other and that broke us.Sep 11, 2019"

    The Church of Scientology,

    The Church of Scientology?? that's a mighty powerful bunch of fine Christians except they aren't Christians.

    "The practice of shunning in Scientology is termed disconnection. Members can disconnect from any person they already know, including existing family members. "

    The Amish with their eight grade education. The telephone on a post a half acre away from their home. The folks who can do good construction but have to borrow electric outlets from the properties they are working on to recharge their power tools.

    Who else?

    Disfellowshipping is not the most radical practice out there, Colorado College professor David Weddle said. Some ultra-orthodox Jewish congregations, for example, go so far as to hold funerals for former members who decide to marry outside the religion.

    And in some extremist Islamic groups around the world, apostasy (renunciation of faith) is considered punishable by death.
    – Source: Karen McGowan, Many Religions Remove Members, The Register Guard, March 2, 2003

    Is it fear that allows decent people to be shunned?

    What about not believing a so called Truth? 1975? If you spoke out against this doctrine you would still be DF or DA.

    No blood except you can have all the blood fractions you might need.

    The brother caught smoking banned for life. Not the brother who is a glutton or drinks a lot or even a child molester.

    Why being a JW is both dangerous and dumb.

  • Phizzy

    A good number of religions and cultural groups practice Shunning, some of the Jewish groups, Islamic groups, and some groups that are not particularly thought of as religious, like the Roma. If you go against their Rules in any of these groups, you either stay and take their discipline, or leave and be totally Shunned.

    It is my hope that attitudes will be changed in groups that practice this evil thing, by it generally being recognized for what it is, a denial of Basic Human Rights.

  • LongHairGal


    Even though shunning is a denial of basic human rights, it’s really hard to see how anybody is going to stop shunning in the groups you mentioned. Some of the groups are religious or racial like the Roma. The Jews can be perceived both ways.

    I think this is a grey area that nobody can do anything about. I don’t think everything can be fixed in this world.

    As for the JW religion: we can is big enough and looks to actively bring converts in so therefore it might be easier to compel them to change harmful policies. Many of us knew nothing about their shunning policy when we made the mistake of getting involved. But, I’m ‘Out’ so many years and I’m glad.

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