Is their a JW site , not official of course ,Identiyfing Apostates on FB , Instagram,etc.on ,social media ?

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  • smiddy

    I`m just wondering , not that it worry`s me too much since I DAd myself , but maybe some people would/should be concerned .

    Is it possible the GB are monitoring who they can identify as Apostates on the internet ?

    Or am I being paranoid.

    How about an over-zealous wannabe Elder who wants to make a name for himself by dobbing in some poor brother./sister who stumbles across a site like this on the internet.

    Maybe it`s not the GB , we need to worry about, maybe it is the R&F members who are spying /watching/monitoring their fellow brothers and sisters to see if they are worth reporting to the Elders .

    Of course with the intention of keeping the congregation clean , while hiding their own transgressions .

    Dont ask questions outside the box./ Dob in your bro, or sister ,who you suspect of impropriety and hope to get brownie points.


  • atomant

    Hey smiddy lay off the magic mushrooms will ya their in season where you live.

  • just fine
    just fine

    I don't care - I won't live in fear for another minute of my life. Being a JW was a life of fear: fear of the end of the world, fear of demons, fear of each other, fear of doing something I shouldn't, fear of not doing something I should. When someone accuses you of something tell them to prove it.

  • hildebrando

    Yes. In Spanish we have a pro-Watch José Antonio Gutiérrez García, AKA TH:

  • sparrowdown

    I wouldn't put it past WT to set up some strategic "controlled opposition" fake apostate website if they felt the whole apostate thing was getting out of control and starting to hurt them.

    Set up a fake site, gather info on what apostates are saying, damp down fires by playing down WT's dastardly deeds, and then have targeted talks and broadcasts on jwdotborg to counteract any negative talk and maybe even make them appear be ahead of the negative talk with their hotline to holy spirit...etc etc that sort of thing.

    Not so far fetched in my mind, all's fair in love and theocratic warfare is how they would see it.

    They would get off on it actually, give them fond memories of cold war era America and make them feel special again.

  • stillin

    Yes, perhaps Simon is ambitious and wants to be on the GB. He's planning on blowing the whistle on all of us closet apostates, thereby scoring maxi-points with Brother Splane and Company.

    seriously,if it came to that, they would be doing us a favor. Just get it over with.

  • Greybeard

    Of corse they could gather personal information. They can sell it too if they chose too. They joined the internet band wagon. You can bet they have the best programers to designing their websites. Do you know anything about cookies? Is there a bar at the top of your screen that pops up now and then on this website? At the right it has a yellow box that says cookies. Read the "more info" about cookies. They also have phone apps that can monitor your activity. Nothing is private on the internet. Maybe they do, maybe they don't. Do they have the ability? Yes and most websites gather personal information. That is why, if you are shopping online at Amazon for a widget and then go to Facebook or even this website for that matter, a widget add will pop up. So now that you know it is possible, do you think they do it? They are the WATCHtower

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