Dates & Times contradictions....

by stuckinarut2 1 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • stuckinarut2

    So, if a "generation" is a vague period that can take in several overlapping generations, why are other "Dates" supposed to be specific?

    For example, 1914 is supposed to be set in stone - SPECIFIC, based on scriptural principles, timing, etc.

    But the start date is wrong 587 vs 607. And they use "a day for a year" principle. BUT the years used are not 365 days?? BUT the end date is supposed to be specifically October 1914??

    Then if 1914 is correct, why is the rest of the equation of "The Generation that saw this event" so vague?

  • prologos
    Contradictions? wt contradicts Jesus. The carpenter said this generation will not pass.-- wt says it will pass away, the overlapping anointed group will be called to their reward , pass from the earthly scene before it is over with the start of Armageddon. and according to the Splane/ Franz chart, that could reach 2075, now who dre contradict that?

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