The First Young People Ask VHS

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  • Cimarrona

    Do y'all remember the young people ask tape that came out in the late 90s about "bad association"? I was a fairly small child with teenage siblings and watched it often (with family and alone cause I thought it was the inside scoop on older kids). That was back when worldly was still very much so a part of dubspeak (I think they started encouraging people to stop saying it in the mid to late 2000s). Anyway, I've had JWs treat me a million times worse than any of the "bad" kids in that movie, before and after I faded. There was a convention right after I left and my absence was noted; you wouldn't believe how many ministerial servants and regular pioneers, single/dating/married, propositioned me via text! As if being a woman outside of their religion meant I was just open to having sex with whomever whenever whatever. IT WAS WILD. But that VHS was hilarious.

  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn

    I would watch that vhs tape as a child a lot, definitely brings back A LOT of memories. I saw it recently through an account on YouTube called WatchtowerReviewz and in his videos he pokes fun at these movies that the Society makes.

  • steve2

    Yes, Cimarrona, the furtive things active JWs get up to when given half a chance. Of course, the cold, light of day has them denying they ever did or said what they actually did or said.

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