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  • Thekillersbrightside

    Went here most of my JW life. What were your experiences at this assembly hall?

    I remember: the hours of boring talks, the refurb, Eyeing up the single sisters (and not getting anywhere), attendance for what seemed like days, how everyone got themselves all new clothes for an assembly (but for what!?), parking problems, meeting friends.

    So glad I don’t go anymore but I have some fond memories.

  • BluesBrother

    Went there a lot.....even helped ( or hindered ) during the building work transforming it from a formef Borstall to the Assembly Hall that it now is. Mostly, my work consisted of helping in the kitchen, making tea and opening cans of baked beans for builders lunch.

    It was a very big project at the time, people were really up for it and I must admit that those volunteer days were a lot of fun.

    As a hall to sit in, I always liked it .. comfortable and with a good view from all seats. The drawbacks were a) the location being miles from anywhere and b) limited parking which meant that you were asked to always take somebody with you.

    So...the hall is ok - just a pity about the talks they put on..

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