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    Hi zeb, that's been there quite a while now. It makes for interesting reading and just shows how the WT "still doesn't get it".

    Compare it with the Senior Salvation Army officer's response video where he apologises unreservedly and promises change. (posted elsewhere on this forum, recently)

    Anyone know when the "finding" will be released? It will not be pretty for the Watchtower I'm sure.

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    The matter of the wt response came up on another site just thought I would give some extra 'air-time'. This most important matter seems to have dropped off this sites radar due to the coming US elections.

    Yes I too await the final report from the ARC. But here is a quote from the ARC re JW Elders who appeared before it.

    " These jw elders are shown themselves to be woefully ignorant of standard practices in the real world, seriously unprepared for the hearings, completely lacking in compassion for the victim and untrained to be real shepherds; and all consistently have poor memories."

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    zeb, you have already told us of this quote. However, when asked to provide a source for this quote, such as where you found it, you have not answered. Would you be able to tell us now where exactly can this statement be found?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Luo bou to

    some of the Elders said I cant recall or I don't remember before they were even asked a question whitch I believe was simply a ploy to avoid answering any questions

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    apologies. I wrote the quote down during the early days of the Arc. I didn't record the time or on which day.

    But I have em the ARC to see if they can tell me.

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    From ABC News:

    UN Investigator Urges Review of Australian Secrecy Laws

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