Breaking Heart Needs Help

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  • thankyou

    Thank you kindly to all who have posted a reply.

    I apologize for the jumbled mess that was well organized by AudeSapere. Had a lot to say n as a new poster had no idea how much space there was going to be.

    Mille210 you r so right "immediate intense sad confused, something didn't expect or ask for."

    Finkelstein Thank you. I understand what you are saying. "Your" baby picture is priceless.

    rebel8 Thank you. That's great info that I didn't know. I guess that's what I'm looking for insight into her "world", what she may be thinking n facing as a JW. And, the best way to try to hold on to the tenuous connection to her.

    The Searcher Thank you very much. I am going to follow your advice. God, I hope you are right.

  • JWdaughter
    It was good of you to try and help her. Some are not ready to receive it. You still helped because she knows there is a person in the world who cares about her. That will always stick. Take care of yourself!
  • thankyou

    JWdaughter Thank you.

    I'm certain she knows I care about her (love her in fact). But, she has been able to resist me so far, so as a JW how is she likely thinking about me, that I am satan inspired?. She said that before JW she was a Methodist. Thank God she still remembers and self-identifies with that n possibly realizes that all is not right with JW.

    Anybody, thank you.

  • diana netherton

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