How Long for The Light to Come On?

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  • new boy
    new boy

    How long does it take for the light to come on? How long to realize the great deception you were a part of.

    Of course everyone is different. It took over 50 years for me. This is a fact I'm not proud of.

    I know one person at Bethel who figured it out in less than a minute.

    He drove up to Bethel on a motorcycle. Bob Lang was walking across the street to the 107 building when the new boy on on his motorcycle ask him how to report in to Bethel.

    Bob Lang told him. "This is Bethel."

    "Great!" said the new boy.

    Bob looked him over. "Is this your motorcycle?"

    "Yes why?"

    "Well, they are not allowed here!"




    The shortest stay in Bethel history. Of course one must wonder did he spot the bull shit in that one minute of Bethel, or the whole organization?

    Myself I see my children and the generations that are much younger than me better at recognizing the discrepancies, lies, double standards and just plain nonsense the witnesses have perpetuate through the decades.

    Yes everyone is different and everyone moves at their own place.

    Bless all of us and bless all of them.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    I remember reading that in your New Boy series Keith good stuff ! I would think that the kid had good intentions and wanted to make his own contribution somehow but probably being more freethinking than most pick-ed up the bad vibes and cult persona of his would to be bosses real quick. As usual thanks for posting looking forward to your book. Have ordered Barbara's last week anxious to get it.

  • new boy
    new boy

    I hope that guy whoever he is not only choose not go Bethel but left the Borg too.

  • smiddy3

    It took me 33 years before I left and yes I Had warning signs long before that but chose to ignore them , silly me.

    And it took me another twenty years for me to DA myself from them severing the ties on my terms not theirs.

  • Phizzy

    I was born in, and stuck in, for 58 years.

    Looking back I realize that I was kind of reversing out for years, there was more and more I just did not accept. The light bulb moment was when I worked out that 1914 was a load of old crap, I went on-line and found another JW who agreed with me, which led me to many more who did, and before long to this great place !

    Within a couple of months I walked out of the K. Hall, never to return.

  • mann377

    Interesting situations for all as there are some common elements. For one we are able to recognize BS when we see it. For me it was back in 1986 after reading Ray's book. My employer was a JW also, infact he was the city overseer and had read the book also. He invited the CO to discuss the info he had just read and invited me to sit in and listen. I was in no way prepared to deal with what happened next. The CO threatened us that if we even discussed what we read or agreed with what we read then we would be df'd immediately! You cannot believe what went through my mind as I drove home from work. I had just been threatened with df'g for just reading something. Keep in mind this is 1986, no internet or forums. I told my wife what had happened and she got real mad at me for reading the book. I'm thinking this is straight out of "1984" novel. I had to watch what I said and measure my words at all times. I was PIMO from that time forward. After about 5 years I no longer went to the meetings and just faded away on my own. I am still nice to all the members of the congregation and keep a very low profile.

    Interesting that my years at Bethel had prepared me for how to handle the situation as I learned to keep low and non-confrontational. I knew how the WT handled things at Bethel.

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