Borg Update 6

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  • MattyR

    It seems they are encouraging JWs to get vaccinated. Not directly but a subtle suggestion.

    It seems they hinted a possible return. That's the message I got

    Any thoughts?

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Best argument yet against getting vaccinated (I am)

    Get the vaccine and you will qualify to run mikes, travel to meeting, go door to door, get coerced into hospitality.

    I think I will hide behind old age and senility

  • S0ShowdidIgethere

    There was a comment made by someone recently that said something along the lines of, the GB and ORG are trying to "do right by" or "lay low" in the eyes of the government. I think that may be part of the case here. Most updates they are giving say things like "Follow the direction of your local government or authorities"...

    So, I feel that they are doing their best to be politically correct...interestingly enough lol.

  • pistolpete

    Most updates they are giving say things like "Follow the direction of your local government or authorities"...


  • MattyR

    Here's a summary taken from reddit :

    • Pandemic is not over (Talks about South America and Africa's surge in cases)

    • Over 98% are vaccinated in Bethel Warwick

    • Over 50% of the Bethel family worldwide have been vaccinated

    • Bethel is encouraging and helping all their members who want the vaccine to get it.

    • 19k dead

    • JWs are not opposed to vaccines

    • (I guess the most interesting part of all hinting a return to normal activities for vaxxed JWs) Thanks to vaccination and government ease of restrictions Bethel members can now gather to have meals and meetings (Subtle hint that vaccinated people might be able to return to meetings thanks to vaccines and ease of restrictions)

    • Shows footage of a packed hall during what seems a WT study

    • Something about construction

    • Jehovah loves old people

    • The Celestial Chariot is unstoppable

  • pistolpete

    Jehovah loves old people

    Ezekiel 9:5,6 And to the others he said in my hearing: “Go through the city after him and strike. Do not let your eye feel sorry, and do not feel any compassion. OLD MAN, virgin, little child, and women you should kill off completely.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Vaccines are a personal choice. Just like beards, entertainment and dress & grooming.


    Something to think about:

    1) Maybe all Xian religions are OWNED. Think about it. We were conditioned to expect a New System… aka, predictive programming for the Great Reset.

    2) Who wants the “New System?” Globalists.

    3) What do they admit to wanting? Depopulation.

    4) What is helping to create chaos needed for The Great Reset? Covid-19

    5) Who wrote “Covid-19 and The Great Reset”?? Klaus Schwab.

    6) Who is Klaus Schwab? Leader of the WEF, a Globalist Group/Cult.

    7) What could very well kill more people than we could ever imagine via lack of prevention for corona viruses including Covid-19 on the part of the WHO, CDC, FDA, NIH, ect? Covid-19 in tandem with an experimental MRNA shot that causes immune system weakness.

    8) Who’s pushing it? FDA, CDC, NIH, Faucci, Gates..

    9) Who does Gates work with/perhaps for? The WEF..

    10) What cause would directly benefit from mass death, destabilizing economies? The Great Reset.

    DD 🤔

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