Midwest ApostaFest 2018

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    I just released a fun and different episode of the Shunned podcast. It is a compilation of short interviews that I did at the Midwest Apostafest 2018 in August. You will get to hear from a number of people that have been shunned for various reasons, and you can learn what woke them up, what they like about going to events like this, and more. There's also a scary story in there told by a little girl, so perhaps I should have put an advisory of some sort on there, but I'm pretty sure you'll be okay if you listen. It's a great way to see what kind of people are present at such an event, and hopefully an encouragement to those that are also shunned to get out and attend.

    So it is Episode Seventeen - Midwest Apostafest 2018. You can find it on your podcast app of choice (iTunes, Apple Podcast, Google Play, my favorite is Podcast Republic, also Podbean, etc.).

    If you don't want to download and listen on the go like most people listen to podcasts, you can also go to https://shunnedpodcast.com/episode-seventeen-midwest-apostafest-2018/ and listen through the player there.

    Or you can go to Youtube and listen through my channel called shunnedpodcast.


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