New old light benefit book pg 191 Para 1 and 2

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  • poopie
    No shunning ha ha fell on there own sword.
  • wifibandit
    Respectful Acknowledgment. In smaller communities it is expected that you will acknowledge the presence of someone you encounter, either while walking along the road or when entering a room. This is accomplished by means of a simple greeting, a smile, a nod of the head, or even the raising of the eyebrows. Ignoring another person is viewed as disrespectful.
    Some, though, may feel ignored even if you acknowledge their presence. How so? Because of their perception that you fail to see them as individuals. It is not uncommon for people to be categorized by some physical trait. People with disabilities and health problems are often shunned. Yet, God’s Word shows us how to treat such individuals with love and respect. (Matt. 8:2, 3) All of us are affected in some way by our inheritance of Adamic sin. Would you feel respected if others always identified you by your flaws? Would you not rather want to be recognized for your many positive qualities?

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