Manchester, New Moston Congregation Charity Commission case.

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  • freddo

    We have had a week or so of occasional national news and certainly local news about this case in north west England. It is on the government charity website too.

    Is anyone able to furnish the forum with any information about how it is being perceived in the local community - especially the local JW's?

    Or anywhere else?

  • darkspilver

    I was very surprised that the Guardian newspaper did not print an article about it - I was definately expecting them to publish something... in fact, out of all the national newspapers, I would have said that the Guardian would have been the newspaper to have printed it, but apparently they didn't.

    What 'local news'? - the only one I think that has been mentioned on this forum is the Manchester Evening News? Any other newspapers?

    A number of respected UK newspapers included articles about the CC Report on their websites:

    In addtion two of the above national newspapers - The Daily Telegraph and The Times - published articles in their printed editions the day after:

    The major local newspaper - Manchester Evening News - published an article in their printed edition:

    BBC Radio 4 broadcast a segment regarding the CC Report on their Sunday morning religious news and current affairs programme:

  • daveysmithy30

    The Guardian did publish an article on the Charity Commission's investigation with the Manchester New Moston Congregation and here is the link to the article:

  • darkspilver

    daveysmithy30: The Guardian did publish an article

    Thanks, yes, as per my links above, the Guardian did have an article on their website.


    As far as I have seen with my own copies of the Guardian's PRINTED newspaper - they did not print anything in the actual newspaper - that was my surprise: nothing in the printed newspaper.

  • daveysmithy30

    That is very interesting and why not I wonder? That is very strange not to be in the printed version.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I think the sh-1-t will hit the fan when the findings from the full ongoing enquiry on a national scale are made. The 2 witness rule is an absolute sticking point as far as WT is concerned and I can't see the CC wearing that. It will be a big deal. Effectively, as serious as it is, the New Moston case is a side show.

    Lets hope the finding have some teeth and time doesn't just let it float down the river out of view. (That's a good image, like a giant turd).

    I am not sure what happens next after the scathing findings regards New Moston. Are there penalties to come? They were very firm in holding all the trustees responsible. I personally would not like to be in their shoes. As "independent" elders they have already been thrown under the bus by their beloved organisation.

  • dozy

    I asked a couple of non JW friends / work colleagues if they had heard or read anything but they hadn't. And these are guys that are pretty informed about what is going on.

    In these days of lots of news , much of it trivial TV related stuff , and with lots of people getting their "news" from social media , stories like this one don't have much of an impact unless they are completely in people's faces.

    And lets be honest - "religion has problem with child abuse" isn't exactly headline news for anybody nowadays.

  • darkspilver

    Hey dozy

    IMHO this is why getting articles into printed newspapers is important.

    It is the printed newspapers that lead audience engagement - AND it is still the printed newspapers that both lead and shape the news agenda that is subsequently picked up and discussed on radio programmes and on TV programmes (both news-style and life-style type programmes)

    In a recent study: Newspaper Consumption in the Mobile Age:

    This article combines data from the British National Readership Survey, the Audit Bureau of Circulations, and comScore to calculate how much audience attention newspapers’ print, PC, and mobile platforms attract. The results show that, of the time spent with 11 UK national newspaper brands by their British audiences, 88.5 per cent still comes via their print editions, 7.49 per cent via mobiles, and just 4 per cent via PCs

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