Interview with JW representative about blood issue

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    The prohibition of blood transfusion also applies to children, there are court judgments that have forced treatment.

    Stemmler: When children are sick, the situation is particularly stressful. I am glad that this has never met me with my boys. Nevertheless, the Bible is the standard of our actions.

    a major complaint from the critics of your religious community concerns the prohibition of accepting blood transfusions. How do you stand?

    Stemmler: The basis for this are two bibliographies in the Old Testament and one in the Apostelgeschichte, where it is required to abstain from blood. This obliges us. But it does not mean that we are not allowed to be operated on, for example, or against organ transplantation. There are very good alternatives to blood transfusions. Many doctors who are not part of Jehovah's Witnesses are investigating this, and we have a special hospital liasion committee, which is very carefully observing these researches.

    After 2017 JW achieved in NRW the legal status of an accredited statutory corporation - "no cult any longer - yahooooo" an interview about JW blood standpoint is urgent.

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