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  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    Interesting experience reported by this former JW on blood shows the deep and lasting impact of the WTS campaign of indoctrination and misinformation. It also shows that people can be and are being helped.

    "Hi everyone at AJWRB. I came by to your page to say thanks and to share my story: I was raised a JW since age 7, after I went to live with my grandparents following the emigration of my parents. I 'faded' from the organization about 20 years ago, after my dissatisfaction with how the congregation elders repeatedly covered up the infidelities of my husband. When I found out the facts I moved to a new town, filed for divorce, and never went to another meeting. Nevertheless, the teachings of the JW continued to significantly influence my beliefs and lifestyle choices. For example, I continued to argue against blood transfusions, and frequently parroted the viewpoint that Ringer's solution and non-blood volume expanders are adequate substitutes in the majority of cases. About two years ago I came across the website run by AJWRB and started to reconsider my views. In particular, I was struck by how the JW organization arbitrarily refused some blood components but accepted others. Little did I know that this information would save my life. A couple of weeks ago I was hospitalized because I had been hemorrhaging severely and my blood count was critically low. The doctors told me that I had to have a transfusion immediately while I was being prepped for surgery. To be honest, I still had a major attack of conscience as I watched the blood dripping into my veins. One thought that kept resonating in my mind, however, was that a blood transfusion was a 'tissue transplant'; I was not "feeding on blood" as I had been taught so many years ago. I am not sure that I would have refused blood if I did not have prior access to the information you have been disseminating. However, I do know that you made it easier for me to have the life-saving treatment that I needed."

    AJWRB Facebook Page

  • wannaexit

    Happy for this lady and so grateful for the AJWRB site. I know that when I started to explore I stumbled on the site too and it was very instrumental to my awakening.

    Thanks Lee Elder

  • Simon
    I know that when I started to explore I stumbled on the site too and it was very instrumental to my awakening.

    Ditto, that was pivotal in our experience too. :thumbsup:

  • AudeSapere

    It's so important to critically review the reality of blood transfusion and to logically debunk the org's directives.

    Best to do this BEFORE we find ourselves in a crisis situation.

    Thank you, Lee, for sharing this.

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