Any EXJWs Willing To Hang When I Come To Colorado?

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  • jacobm

    Going to do some tourism and looking for suggestions as to good areas in Colorado to visit.

  • LisaRose

    I don't live there anymore, so can't hang out, but can talk about good things to do.

    In the Colorado Springs area, Pikes peak, you can drive to the summit or take a train, also Garden of The Gods, beautiful red rock formations, you can drive through and see most of it or stop and hike.

    In Denver, downtown and the mint. I'm not a big fan of their downtown, but many people like it, it has its charms. There is a nice botanical garden and the Museum of Art is great.

    Boulder is great, especially the Pearl Street Mall shopping district, great restaurants, interesting shops, street performers.

    Rocky Mountain National Park. Spectacular scenery, nice visitors center at the summit.

    If you have more time, Coors brewery in Golden is a nice tour, also New Belgium brewery tour and celestial seasonings tea does a tour.

    Many people like Casa Bonita, it's a Mexican restaurant, the food is really, really horrible but it has an arcade, cliff diving and other entertainment so the kids really like it. I'm not kidding about the food though.

  • jacobm

    @lisarose thanks!

  • Virgochik

    Also in Colorado Springs, the Cheyenne Mountain zoo is literally on the mountain side, near Seven Falls. Once time, a bear came running through from the woods when I was there as a tourist. It has good views and an aerial tram ride. If you're near Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs is nearby. It's walkable, tourist and art shops and cafes. There are natural spring fountains too.

    That's where you'd park and take the tram ride to the top of Pikes Peak. There's a snack and souvenir shop when you get out. It can be very cold at the summit and has already snowed, so bring a jacket!

  • Closer to Fine
    Closer to Fine

    Colorado mountains are beautiful. If you are visiting soon you will be able to see spectacular fall color in different areas in the mountains. The color change on aspen trees is especially beautiful. Peak fall color time frames vary, so do a quick google search with the dates you're traveling to find the best locations.

  • WingCommander

    I was just in Colorado for the first time in the summer of 2016. I second what everyone stated above. Cheyenne Zoo is actually one of the best zoos I've ever been too! It's privately owned, but very well done and I luv that it's on the side of the mountain.


    Cheyenne Zoo

    Air Force Academy

    Garden of the Gods

    Pike's Peak via Barr Trail (8 hour hike, start at 6:30 am) Forget The Incline, unless you're an accomplished mountaineer or have the endurance of a Kenya marathon runner. Or, just take the Rail up, but know that you have to book the tickets BEFORE your trip to get seats.

    Cliff Dwelling Museum. - A great spot to see ancient Indian homes built into the side of a mountain!

    There's a great little pizza shop down in Manitou Springs (near the Barr Trail and rail) that has the best pizza and Scottish Ale. (Dog's Head Scottish Ale, if I'm correct). The place was packed, but ooohhh so good!

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