So what can we expect if the GB individual members are named in child sexual abuse lawsuit?

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    I believe in overlapping

    It’s one thing to go after the Watchtower in a legal lawsuit, but it’s a completely different thing to go after the individual Governing Body members and point the finger at them as the ones responsible for covering up child sexual abuse in the congregations world-wide.

    The reason I say this is because I have seen when the Watchtower organization makes the news on some child abuse case, the normal reaction from publishers is;

    “There will always be a few rotten apples in the organization just like in times past. For example King Saul turned wicked.”

    The Governing Body on the other hand is not a few rotten apples.

    They are the “Faithful and discreet slave that Jehovah and Jesus appointed over all their belongings, - to give them their food at the proper time”

    If the lawsuit goes forward to name all the individual members of the GB, the initial reaction from the members will be--------------APOSTATE LIES!

    But an issue of this sort, involving a fairly prominent U.S. religious organization is something that is just too tempting for the news media to just let go. The court sessions will be publicized, and all the their dirty tactics that they’ve used to cover up all the child sexual abuse that has been going on for decades will be revealed to the public as well as to the members.

    Even the most ignorant, gullible, and uneducated person can only go so far as regards trusting the WT Organization. At some point after seeing evidence plus more evidence, the cognitive dissidence breaks down and reason starts taking over.

    At some point, most people will be forced to look at the issue carefully;

    Child Sexual Abuse cover-up VS Jehovah, a God of Love and Righteousness

    I say that if this lawsuit of naming all the individual members of the Governing Body as being responsible for the tons of child sexual abuse cases goes through, and if the court sessions are publically revealed to the whole world,

    A big chunk of the membership will take a step back, and start researching the Organization.

    And you know what happens after that!

    Keep in mind that waking up to the fact that you were in a cult takes time. So I don’t imagine a quick exodus. But the amount of JWs who do wake up will be substantial.

    Reason being is that now you are not talking about a few rotten apples.

    Now you are talking about the Faithful and discreet slave who are the main ones responsible for the sexual abuse of many children and their efforts to protect the identity of the pedophiles in the organization.

    A person or group can only claim to be innocent for a limited time. Eventually that limited time runs out.

  • Simon

    Pointless speculation and throwing mud.

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