Poor Abused Children Are Nothing Compared to Poor Abused Watchtower

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  • totallydisappointed

    I've been really disappointed for quite a while nowadays, actually I disassociated out of anger against the elders because I was being bullied over a row about confidentiality. But that's nothing compared to those poor kids that have been scarred for life because of all the plethora of child abusers acting as elders in the congregations. I live in the UK and its more prevalent than the common cold.

    However, Jehovah's organisation as called, seems to have no sympathy for those kids at all. All they are concerned about is protecting themselves from being sued or preventing a public scandal. However, no matter how much they cover it up it all comes out in the open in the end.

    My verdict?

    They say that elders are appointed by holy spirit, therefore what that means is that Jehovah appoints criminals to look after his sheep. A God of Love would never, I mean never, do that. In fact, saying that he appointed these criminals brings reproach on Him.

    The fact that they are being investigated from country to country (i.e. Britain, Australia etc.) has brought reproach on Jehovah, a perfect God. Is it any wonder that the organisation is running out of funds? Jehovah would never support an organisation that was constantly bringing reproach on him.

    For a few years now, I've had a moral dilemma of whether or not I should still support the organisation or not because of all the criminality and covering it over like a dog bury's its dirt. I've actually been quite distressed over it for some time.

    I don't think adherents would be too happy about spending their contributions on Luxury apartments at Fishkill whilst cancelling Kingdom Hall constructions at the same time. I'm now pretty fed up with it all, compounded with my own experiences of breach of confidence, which is against the law these days.

    As far as I'm concerned, those children who have been abused by elders in position of authority, appointed by other elders, should be taken care of first, not the Watchtower's reputation. They've been harmed, harmed a great deal and they will have to deal with that harm all their waking lives.

    I'm disgusted with the Watchtower, and I'm guessing Jehovah is as well, though not for me to say.

  • talesin

    Hello, and welcome!

    You'll get no disagreement from me. It's one of the reasons I left the religion many years ago. I figured that Jehovah didn't love the children - why else would he let us suffer so? The corruption within the organization screamed 'it's NOT THE TRUTH!", so I said goodbye. As an adult, I am disgusted and yes, angry.

    Keep on questioning, and research. You will find lots of support here.

    t :sunglasses:

  • Vidiot

    @ totallydisappointed...

    Perhaps you can take some comfort in the fact that, in the Bible, when "God's chosen nation" got too far out of line and wouldn't shape up, He used the surrounding nations of "Satan's World" to bitch-slap them.

  • Sabin

    Hello Totally Disappointed, it is so nice to meet you. You will find we on the forum our like minded when it comes to the child abuse within this God forsaken religion, & always happy to turn on & find a brand new arrival.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Dear TD, that is the hard part, isn't it... When you quote scriptures to people when going door to door, hear it told to you over and over from the stage at the Kingdom Hall & assemblies / conventions... "by their fruits you will know them"... & then you have to somehow make excuses for "God's clean pure organization".. Right?

    I always thought, "Jesus made no excuses for the Pharisees, why do I have to?"

    When a conscience gets burned with a branding iron... it just does not feel so much any more, does it?

    Just like you, many of us here cannot stand by and watch children become victims.....

    If Jesus cared so much about the children, you would expect people who claim to follow in his steps to do the same...

    Congratulations on keeping your conscience,

    Cha Ching

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy
    Might I add, BRILLIANT profile picture! Welcome from Yorkshire mate...
  • Anakin

    Thank you for being so honest in expressing your feelings..I can understand you totally.. They will invest in more laywers in the future, because their really intent is to protect an instution..rather then really being involved to follow suggestions given by the RC..

    I followed, and replied on this subject, on the RC , submissions, but they keeped insisting that the RC is wrong, and that the policies of the WT, are the best at this moment, better than other Religious organisations..like Ms Appelwhite demonstrated.. But the evidence based on facts is telling us a whole other thing..

  • stuckinarut2

    Great points!

    The lack of funds could be evidence of little godly direction or approval!

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