I Indirectly Helped Someone Join The Troof

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  • Nosferatu

    Hey all! Long time no see.

    A couple of weeks ago, I got a phone call from my JW mother. She said she had something interesting to tell me...

    Way back in 2002, I was moving out from my stupid roommate who was playing dumb jokes on me. I was able to get a female friend and her boyfriend whom she was living with to help me move all my stuff out of my place and into my parents' house. Apparently, my mother was sitting there doing her Watchtower study. Apparently my friend's BF took notice of the Watchtower magazine.

    Recently, he approached my mother. She didn't recognize her, but he told her who he was, and that he was now a baptized brother. :(

    He was a good guy, and it's a shame to see him join this lousy cult. I know my friend wouldn't have joined. It's too bad that didn't rub off on him.

    So yeah, I feel kinda bad. I indirectly ruined somebody's life.

  • Moster

    You my friend are guilt free. Let it go. That same person could be buying a coffee beside a cart and see a magazine. I highly doubt that him just seeing her with the WT made him pursue a mind control cult.


  • deegee

    It is said that religion satisfies psychological needs, so don't feel any responsibility for this person becoming a JW.

    Cults, for example, satisfy the psychological need for idealism - the JWs believe that only God's kingdom can solve mankind's problems. Persons inclined towards idealism or persons who can't cope with conflict, dysfunction, difficulties etc find the idealism which the JW cult offers to be appealing.

  • punkofnice

    Dracula - I feel kinda bad. I indirectly ruined somebody's life.

    I'm sure he's a big boy now........old enough to make up his own mind. If it wasn't the jobos it might be scientology.

    Q. Why do scientologists exist?

    A. So the jobos have someone to laugh at

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