Propaganda video from the society. How are your donations used?

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  • stuckinarut2

    Oh manipulative, especially for young ones.

    First prize goes to whoever can state the one aspect of society expenditure that this video fails to mention!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Massive legal fees for lawyers who defend the org's paedophile lawsuits?

  • OrphanCrow

    I couldn't get the video to play without starts and stops. And, I don't like watching the WT stuff, but I did try!

    I will make a guess on your question. Actually, two guesses.

    First, I bet they didn't say that the donations were going to pay off child abuse victims.

    Secondly, I bet they didn't mention that the donations sustains the global network of HLC recruiters (their purpose seems primarily to convert medical professionals to bloodless medicine - that is the HLC's "ministry"). That operation alone takes mega $$$ to maintain.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    the purchase of hotels/motels, urban housing, and a lot of unnecessary real estate.

  • careful

    The vid mentions contributions are used to support special pioneers. I thought they had been phased out. Are they back or what?

    Yes, they certainly hide the fact that a significant portion of their budget is going toward lawsuit payments. They just do not know how to be honest—so self-deceived, like RF explains their entrapment.


    Geoffrey Jackson's lady needs some new digs...

    Also, Viagra ain't cheap...


  • stuckinarut2

    Yep, it is just so easy for the society to say that donations go "to the worldwide work"....but what ACTUALLY is that??

    Where is the profit and loss report, or the annual financial report? ALL reputable organizations issue one of those....

  • WTWizard

    With all those donations, can't they manage to get videos to run smoothly? Fine if the Internet is cutting out, such as with a cable blackout. Not fine if you have stable Internet service. If sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion can give smooth playing videos most of the time, why does the washtowel manage to have blocking and freezing in most of their videos most of the time?

    Obviously, it is a poverty working. People are urged to part with their "excess" funds, under the pretext that happiness is just above the poverty line and you can serve joke-hova better if you are destitute (and sick) and still pious-sneer and do the work. Then they can't even provide a decent site. Bad enough the program is crap--and the lame excuse of soul-destroying noise they call "music(??)" is an abomination. But, they can't even get things to play smoothly?

  • smiddy

    Could it be 10% goes to the worldwide work and 90% goes to pay off child sex abuse victims.? around the world ?

    After all their are a lot of countries where current law suits are in progress against Jehovah`s Witnesses for child sexual abuse .

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