This week WT: prosecution = persecution

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  • fastJehu

    In this week's WT the sheep are taught that a possible prosecution (currently child abuse) is in reality only a persecution because of faith. Poor sheep.

    *** w19 February p. 10 par. 11 Seek Meekness and Please Jehovah ***

    When persecuted: Throughout history, human rulers have persecuted Jehovah’s people. They may charge us with various “crimes,” but the real issue is that we choose to “obey God as ruler rather than men.” (Acts 5:29) We might be ridiculed, imprisoned, or even physically mistreated. With Jehovah’s help, however, we will not retaliate but will remain mild throughout the test.
    Nothing about Romans 13:1-4.
  • blondie

    I know jws that would say that anything bad a non-jw did to them was persecution because of their religion; even those who were counseled by their supervisor for being continually late, not finishing assignments on time, for witnessing to co-workers during work time, putting a bible on their desk even though work rules did not allow any religious person to do so, not just jws. Or the sister who asked for time off the day before the assembly and considered it persecution that her supervisor could not accommodate her because she had to give a week notice so the supervisor could schedule someone to back her up.

    Even Jesus said at Matthew 5:10 that it was only persecution for doing righteous things, not those that break Caesar's law, such as not paying taxes to the government.

  • WTWizard

    What if someone is being persecuted because they are breaking the law or enticing others into an organization that is regularly breaking the law? Or, if they realize the whole thing is a scam, yet the jokehovian witlesses refuse to take "Not interested" for an answer. Is it righteous persecution if they reap harsh consequences for repeatedly calling on someone despite repeated warnings not to, or because they are hurting other people?

    Yes, it's one thing if they are being persecuted because of the truth. These days, telling the truth is the worst crime on the books--yet, it is only those who live by the lie that are hurt. Are the jokehovians telling the truth? Is it the truth when they resort to great measures to hide the 1975 disaster? Or, what about the doctrines about the generations? If they really had (or were seeking) the truth, they would not be embarrassed to show that they had partial or incorrect knowledge. They would correct it, but they would not try hiding their past errors. But, if it was lies and not just bad information, they would try and hide the truth.

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