the 2018 Annual Report

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  • no-zombie

    I have a bad feeling that the annual report in the form that we can analytically use, will no longer be available. According the post AGM letter, it said "this information will be published in the 'About Us' section of" however when you go to that page, there are already a country by country listing of statistics. The problem is that, the numbers displayed at the moment are not the whole story we used to get. So while we have been told that the 'information' will be published, i fear that it will not be ALL the information. And it could end up, just a sneaky way to release a annual report ... without actually telling the whole story.

    I could be wrong. The GB could place a hyperlink for people to download the report we used to receive. However, when you think about the current woes the Organization has, cancelling the yearbook's printing, could be their opportunity to skip out of an embarrassing problem.

  • respectful_observer

    I remember when they stopped publishing the detailed monthly report for the branch in the Our Kingdom Ministry and replaced it with "Key Highlights" (or something similar). Gone were the pure, fact-based stats...instead replaced with selective, cherry-picked positive stats that only highlighted growth.

    I wonder if this is the model they'll use moving forward. Basically a global "hide the pea" game, never again allowing objective analysis of consistently reported data points. Instead, only total global figures with highlighted feel-good stats (e.g., "a new peak in Regular Pioneers reported in Antarctica. A 6% increase over 2017!"

  • freddo

    I suspect this too.

    For the GB, the figures from all the branches will likely be in for the 2017 service year and will have been by the AGM. If they had made good reading then they would have highlighted some at the AGM.

    I think in descending order we may no longer see actual figures of anything that makes AM3 not "look good."

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo


    Interesting post because I think many have speculated on this forum over the years that the org will eventually stop publishing certain 'inconvenient' figures.

    The increasing number of memorial partakers might be something they will be happy not to promote.

  • ttdtt

    You KNOW whatever stats they publish from now on will be only those that make them look good.

    I guess the TRUTH HURTS:)

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