Was/Is Religion Useful Even if it isn't True?

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  • Giordano

    Unfortunately what Trump managed to do was:

    activate the "hive switch" that binds hundreds or thousands of people who are not genetically related into groups

    These 'groups' thought they were voting on behalf of their own interests...they thought Trump would be there in support of their needs....that he was one of them.

    A belief in a person like Trump is a belief that is thrown away.

    If something, like a person or to the larger issue a religion is really not true it's usefulness is limited.

    Feeding and clothing the poor. Making sure a deceased person is treated with respect to provide some measure of comfort for the living.

    Even in the era of religious importance it was more often a hindrance to civilization advancing then a helper.

  • Finkelstein

    Misconceptions of reality is part of the biological make up, those misconception can be placed in are active consciousness.

    As religion places thoughts into people's minds, those thoughts are accepted as informative truths which sits in their consciousness.

  • cofty
    the capability to reason must give us the choice to reject any 'benefit' of religion for a better method which encompasses group thinking. - Fairlane

    Which is the big question. What better method for example?

  • Xanthippe

    In A General Theory of Love by Thomas Lewis the author proposes that human brains are like open circuits that need to interact with other brains to feel psychologically whole. He calls talking to another person limbic looping.

    He doesn't think you have to agree with that person or have something enormously in common with them as in a religious group but you just need to have a few of those interactions on a daily basis to be healthy. It suggests we may be evolving beyond group think.

  • Fairlane

    Cofty ..." what better method"....secular,secularism which is well established, more effort from secularists to cleave the hold religious influence has on our government and education. There are efforts towards this goal, perhaps a common purpose for the benefit of people which supersedes religious hope/reward which was/is still ignorantly seen by many as useful and alas necessary.

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