Xmas Cards some of us sent to each other couple of yrs ago.

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  • smiddy3

    I came across some Xmas cards some of us sent to each other a couple of years ago and thought it would be nice to send a greeting back this year by PM .

    I was able to do it for some but not all that sent me a card because they gave their real names and not their call sign on here.

    And stupid me didn`t keep the card with the envelope it came in.

    And I`m certainly not going to post your real names on here.

    If your inclined to, or remember sending me a Xmas card a couple of years ago and you haven`t already got a pm from me your welcome to pm me anytime and we can exchange greetings.

    I felt it was a personal exchange between real friends I have made on this forum and I thank all of those who did send me a card and well wishes and opened up their lives to me.

    And hopefully they got the same from me.



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