wt extremism is brought to you by...

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  • zeb

    I have taken this from an email from a financial email I received as it struck a cord with me..

    "And what difference does it make? The important decisions are made by the entrenched Deep State insiders. The president and the voters don’t have much effect on them. The military junta control foreign policy. And a sordid cabal of Democrats and Republicans, cronies and zombies, controls domestic spending. All squawk and strut shamelessly about monuments, transgender bathrooms, racism, immigration, and other symbolic issues. Fans in the cheap seats take sides. They are red. Or they are blue. They are for Trump. Or they are against him.It scarcely matters. The bicycle slows. Soon, it will fall over"..

    and the same desperate and dispersed thinking infect the wt and is exported via its media across the world..

  • zeb

    The "him.It" is not a link I don't know where that came from.

    The scene is the same here where the media and the politicians have one subject to go on about for months now that is "Equality in marriage" ie "Gay' marriage.

    I understand the "marriage act originally stated "between two people" and former Prime minister Howard had it changed to "Man and woman". All the politicians had to do was change the act back if it is such abig deal.

    Australia is sleep walking into a war in Asia and is to dumb to see it.

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