New revised silver jw bible?

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  • hubert

    Hi my friends, i haven't been here in years. I am using an iPad mini, as my pc is too old to log me on, so messages will be short.

    I hear the jw' s have a new silver bible? Someone mentioned that "John 14:6 " has been changed. Is this true? If so, can you quote me the new verse?



  • sir82

    Yes, they released it in 2013.

    It is on the JW.borg website in its entirety. They changed a lot of verses. Micah 6:8 is the most egregious example.

  • hubert

    Do you really mean Is this site open to anyone?


  • hubert

    Anyone have a list of the changes?


  • Magnum

    Yes is open to anyone. You can download the entire translation there.

    I haven't examined it much, but judging from the little bit I did, the revised version seems like an entirely new translation. It seems simpler and more paraphrased and less literal. They turned the NWT into the type of translation they used to bash.

    They used to brag about how they consistently translated hades, sheol, etc. Now I think they've abandoned that and they translate those words different ways (but I'm not sure about that).

  • Crazyguy

    They changed Micah 6:8 and others . There was a thread on all the changes you'll have to do a search.

  • careful

    One good thing they got rid of was Freddie Franz's rendering of "proceeded to go," "continued to speak," etc. for the verbs throughout the Hebrew Bible. It has become more understandable in many places, but alas, with the real loss of meaning in many passages that others have already referred to above.

    As for a list of changes, that would be quite difficult since there are thousands.

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