Jehovah's Witnesseses have been waiting so long for Armageddon...

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  • usualusername1

    That they have starting building towers from watches or Watchtowers...

  • Confusedalot

    Its sad when you are always watching but forget to open your eyes and ears while doing so.

    They are always watching but cannot see or hear what the spirit says....

  • punkofnice
  • jwundubbed

    Wait... a tower made from watches??? That sounds awesome! That is a word I never ever associated with anything JW. I jest, and yet I just realized the truth in my jest...

  • BluesBrother

    ......and yet they still keep on on happily waiting ! The 'Last Days' are proving to,be incredibly long .They just keep stretching out further and further , like the elastic in a fat woman's knickers....

  • redvip2000

    Sometimes I think that at some point, something has to give in the minds of these folks, who just keep waiting forever, right?

    But then I think of how many Jdubs have come and gone, waiting, waiting, waiting. They are gone, and new troops of drones arrive to get in waiting mode. Then they also die, and the history repeats itself. How many years does it take for someone to finally realize nothing is coming?

  • steve2

    Sometimes I think that at some point, something has to give in the minds of these folks, who just keep waiting forever, right?

    Yes, it's called growing old and dying. There were Watchtowers in the 1960s that acknowledged some had grown weary from expecting this system of things to end. I knw some who had been active since Rutherford's presdiency, including my maternal and paternal gradparents - now they and my parents are all dead. Waiting has its limits. You die.

    Trouble is, they die off, then new generations come along and, among the naïve and poorly educated, the waiting game starts all over again. They won't so much learn, as die in the process of waiting.

  • Spiral

    @redvip2000; yes, you would think they would give up the waiting game. But I was recently treated to an incredibly smug conversation in which the JWs were talking about the beautiful houses they hoped to inherit in the new order. SHEESH! After all the years waiting, struggling (in this area) with poverty, under-employment, depression, they just keep hanging on and not even thinking it through.

  • jwundubbed

    JWs don't mind waiting because they live, not in the present or the past, but in the future. This was a big lesson for me to learn when I was dealing with my PTSD. As long as I lived thinking every moment that death was right around the corner, I couldn't get away from my anxiety. But when I started living in the present and only setting goals for the future... then my anxiety went away.

    For JWs the new system, Armageddon, and all the benefits are just a tomorrow away. When you live in tomorrow, it isn't really waiting.

  • Finkelstein

    The human folly of actually accepting and believing the writings in the bible are actually real ie, the book of Revelation.

    Ancient mythology is fiction expressed with an inherent intent to create appealing activity to a specific god.

    Gods are not real, even the almighty Hebrew Yahweh.

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