I remembered something I had forgotten a long time ago.

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  • mickbobcat

    When I was about 17 there was a Elders son I used to hang out with. He was 16 but close to my age. His family was a kool aid drinking cult followers. He had told me a story and I have no reason to doubt it was true and is on the lighter side of abuse. Not trying to make light of it. But it was not rape.

    He told me that when some of their family friends who also were big kool aid JWs came to visit that the 6yo girl was sitting on his lap when they were driving back from going out to dinner. He said he would put his finger on her vagina and pull it up and say sit up your falling down to cover his feeling her.

    I know him well and I have no reason to believe he is a child molester. But no one knows anyone thoroughly. I had forgotten about it until watching one of the JW child abuse videos it triggered in my mind. He is and has been an elder for many years now. I would not say he was not inclined that way but I just never have gotten any kind of feeling that this was more than raging hormones.

    Not trying to make excuses for his behavior but I also don't want to say he is evil. Do not get me wrong I worked with him for many years, and we broke up our business because I started to question the cult. Thoughts?

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Hearsay will not hold up in court. He may have been exaggerating. The victim would have to be the one to pursue it.

    That said, it sounds like lots of snot nosed uber dub teenagers.

    Nothing you can do.

  • truth_b_known
    Hearsay will not hold up in court. He may have been exaggerating. The victim would have to be the one to pursue it.

    Actually just the opposite. Go to the police department in the jurisdiction where this took place and immediately report this guy. The girl he spoke of is probably not the only victim. In some places, like where I live, it is a crime not to report such an offense.

    When a criminal confesses to you something it is not hearsay.

  • GrreatTeacher

    From your description, that's child sexual assault.

    His raging hormones are neither here nor there.

    Also, wanting to touch a CHILD sexually does not seem like your average horny teenager.

    Maybe anyone who has ever been a male teenager with raging hormones can verify, but preferring a 6 year old does seem to indicate a preference for children which would be pedophilia.

    I'm worried about all the children in his life.

  • Simon
    I know him well and I have no reason to believe he is a child molester.

    What, apart from him telling you that he is?!?

    Report it, or bear the guilt if your silence enables him to victimize other young girls.

    Not trying to make excuses for his behavior but I also don't want to say he is evil

    Not trying to make excuses and then doing just that. Isn't whether he is evils based on what he does? Not whether he seemed like a funny guy to hang out and have beers with?

  • mickbobcat

    This was 40 years ago or more. I don't even know the first name of the girl. She would not remember or I assume she would not because he said she was asleep at the time. I don't live within 1000 miles of him today or where it happened. So I have no guilt. I have no reason to think he lied. He is now in his late 50s. There is nothing to do at this point. If I went to the cops it would be hearsay and 40 plus years old and even if I knew the where the girl lived she would most likely not even know what happened.

  • Simon

    Tell him you remember him saying it, and you think he's a shit.

    Really, it's the very very least you can do.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    This is odd on and infuriating on so many levels. Not only was he ok doing this to a little child, he was ok doing so in a car full of people and he was ok telling you about it. Why would he think you'd be someone he could tell? This tells me that this person hasn't got a normal conscience or sense of shame. Hopefully he was exaggerating or hopefully for the children he's encountered since then, this was an isolated incident, but I doubt it was.

    I find it disturbing that given your lack of action, you were even able to relate this story publicly. Even at 17, (especially as a JW) I'd have been compelled to tell someone what he did. Who knows what irreparable damage he's done to other little ones since then. I can be understanding about this to a point but mostly, I don't know why you'd bring this up if you were going to make excuses for him or weren't going to do anything about it. I'm not sure if you really comprehend what a big of a deal this is in terms of what his history might have been, his position as a JW, what he may have covered up or have done to other children himself.

    I like Simon's idea, find him and tell him what you remember. If it were me, I'd tell him that the JW child abuse scandal has brought this memory back to you and you aren't sure where to go with it . Tell him you want to get further clarification on the matter and want to know what's going on with him. At the very least, if he has in fact continued on this way, he'd get the message that someone knows and is watching.

    If I found out anyone did something like this to my child or one of my little granddaughters, I'd end up in prison for manslaughter.

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