Snopes and the Covington students

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    While I still regularly check Snopes' headlines and think it's a valuable resource, its' left leaning is showing a bit with the current Covington headlines. While Snopes is usually among the first to fully dissect a hot topic, even publishing numerous articles over a short period about the same thing, they seemed to have backed off this one, even though this story begs for fact checking ten times more than some others! The Daily Wire on the other hand did plenty of good, detailed, referenced fact checking on it, putting Snopes to shame. One article that Snopes did publish related to the students was this one about the bogus claim that they were caught wearing blackface:

    You'll notice that even though the article debunks it, the result is listed as


    Why? Because of the wording of the question:

    "Is This Picture from a Covington Catholic High School Basketball Game?"

    Well . . . Yeah, but that wasn't the issue. And in an age of outrage mobs that read headlines but never the article, what do you think the result will be? Even in the article, right after debunking it by showing how the color black was worn in support of the team, they found it laughably necessary to quote some random person on an obscure forum that said it reminded him of blackface . . . seriously. While they initially published four news style articles under the assumption the narrative was fact, once the truth came out they never made one of their signature fact checking articles with a "True" or "False" conclusion. They published two articles from the student's point of view, one of them brief, almost a blurb, and yet another one that said there are 'many interpretations' of what actually happened. Nope, the truth is already out there and it's too late. My rating of your reporting on this: "Mostly False"

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