Very happy young drum player

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  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    When I saw this young boy play the drums I was really impressed by his talent and the joy that he has. For some strange reason, I thought of how his life would change if his parents studied with the JDubs and became Witnesses. I could see how the boy's life would change. It would not take long for his drum playing and his selection of music that he listened to and enjoyed to be tamped down. His future would be drastically changed and the joy that he now has would just become a memory of how things used to be before the JDub brainwashing.

    Being a JDub when I was his age took my happiness away due to being different in school as I could not eat the birthday cake and cookies when my school mates celebrated. I could not color turkeys or Santa Clause or Christmas trees. I was different and made fun of. I hated being a JDub and being different. Being a JDub took away the happiness that children need.

  • smiddy3

    7 years old, GEEEZZ ,where is he going to be in another ten years time ? I`m impressed .

    Good luck to him now and his future.

  • stillin

    JW-land. Where mediocrity is the rule.

  • Theonlyoneleft

    That’s some gear!! Ever so cute.

    I hope this little guy goes far, he seems to be a little gem.

    SG I agree with you, I also hated to have to go meetings and door to door and be singled out in school. It really sucked.

    I’m glad I left .

  • Giordano

    This kid is a natural! He's playing more like a talented sixteen year old!

    I started playing the drums at 12. In and around becoming a JW which had become something of a big deal in my Mom's life. I guess It was a different time back in the late 1950's. JW's didn't get in your face about music.

    I was fixated on Jazz wanted to play like Buddy Rich had to settle for Gene Krupa.

    When I was 17 I would visit my cousin, who was in the Brooklyn Bethel, we'd hit a few Jazz clubs in the evening. Saw all the great Jazz players.

    Never had a problem with the congregation then nor later as a pioneer.

    I left the religion with my wife when we were in our young twenties. Couldn't take their made up BS. Great music is honest........... never saw a religion that was as honest.

    Realized that I was not going to become a professional Drummer.

    You can learn to play music but not necessarily make music.

    This kid can do that.

  • Theonlyoneleft

    Oh yes... forgot to say, my nephew plays the guitar, but as he is a young baptised 22 year old he plays strictly healthy songs.

    He’s free to play as long he plays these type of songs, it seems to be something he loves as he takes his guitar everywhere playing at gatherings as well as social circles.... JWs off course.

    His family enjoys it as well as his friends. He’s really great at it but would never follow that as a career.

  • BluesBrother

    Yea.... that boy can play!

    I hope he goes on to make a success of a musical career. ....As the op suggests, if he were born into a dub family, or perhaps other restrictive religions/cultures he would have no chance of making a career out of what he obviously loves.

    I have known one or two young witnesses who had musical ability. Who knows if it would have led to a career? but of course they were stopped once they got to a point that it started to interfere with the all important Ministry. One lass told me she was unable to enjoy an orchestra now , it made her sad to think that she might have been there

  • smiddy3

    My niece was a talented violinist and piano player and her music teacher tried to convince her to further her studies as she could see the potential in her .

    The WT religion won out .

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