Why is it when one person attack you on a forum thread eveyone likes to pile on?

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  • mickbobcat

    I have noticed this on many many forums. So I don't have this forum in mind for this topic. So you may have noticed this also, but many times on threads once someone does an attack or a negative comment about someone, or the way they write or anything else on the thread, everyone else seems to just pile on by reaction not thought. Its like people have some programed reaction in their make up to attack once they see an attack. Maybe this is why so many will join a riot once its started. Its not really an attractive human quality.


    I'm on YELP. It is a site where you review and rate businesses from airlines, entertainment, handyman services and restaurants. There is a section where you can ask a question and users respond with helpful comments.

    One time I asked, '' How can restaurants raise prices, while portions get smaller...you cannot do both?'' I got responses that were rude and uncalled for. ''Maybe you're just cheap''...''You're getting fat and you need more food to fill your fat stomach''...''Maybe you need to make food at home, since you're so cheap.''

    It's easy to hide behind a keyboard and throw out insults. These people would of never made these comments to my face!

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Sometimes it is a response to a troll, others it is trolls. Moderators shouid freeze or delete comments, ban some posters but dont

    Never is anything constructive gained by the name calling or insults and certainly it closes any chance to learn.

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    mickbobcat your insightful comments remind me of what I have noticed typically happens on school playgrounds and in other places where a fight breaks out (including in bars as shown in movies and on television TV shows). In such situations spectators often cheer on the fighters, and sometimes (as in bars as shown in movies, especially in westerns) some of the spectators join in the fighting and even mayhem.

    Sometimes teachers (or other adult authority figures, including the WT literature) told young people not to watch playground fights, in order to discourage prolonging the fight (since a lot of times the one initiating the fight is partly doing it to create a spectacle and to get attention and enjoys being cheered on).

    I've personally never enjoyed watching such fights, but then (as many people know on this forum) I've been peace loving and a liberal (in many ideological matters) since my early childhood. For example, I've always disapproved of bullying (and of picking on people in a mean way for the fun of it, instead of only in verbal self defense) and of intentionally killing innocent humans and I have always hated violent warfare.

  • TD

    Human nature is ugly sometimes. What can you do?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i like winding people up.

  • Rivergang

    i like winding people up


  • LongHairGal


    I have seen these kinds of senseless insults on public forums and always wondered what type of mentality was behind it.

    It’s like throwing something at somebody you don’t know who never did anything to you. I’m almost certain it has to be from persons of low intelligence because it makes no sense otherwise!

    I have seen these kinds of senseless insults on public forums and always wondered what type of mentality was behind it.

    Here is curmudgeon Farkel ( who I dismissed because he was old ) really giving it to me on this forum years ago after I asked a simple question:

    A quick perusal of this thread confirms what I already had suspected: the alert and informed ones were quick on the draw with the facts and saved me from spouting off.

    What bothers me is the person who started this thread with:

    :Why hasn't there ever been or ever be a mass exodus from the WTS?

    This statement is not only stupid, it is so stupid and beyond stupid, it is an insult to even refer to it as stupid. The first half has been demolished on this thread, but the second half claims (in sloppy English) that there will NEVER be a max exodus from the WTS. That is either the most outrageous claim given the WTS history or a God-Inspired prophecy. The facts prove it to be the former. Dang, semi-literate and ill-informed people are so much fun to mess with!

    To you, sir or madam, I say: "don't open your yapper and make assinine claims about stuff you haven't even bothered to spend 10 minutes researching."

    You are hereby awarded the "clueless twit" award of the day. Hang it on your neck just a foot away from your dunce cap and sit in the corner until you are dismissed. Better yet, just DON'T MAKE CLAIMS THAT WERE PULLED OUT OF YOUR SHORTS without doing a little legwork yourself.



  • LongHairGal


    Wow, that response was uncalled for! Can somebody say ‘arrogant’?

    There have been posters that have passed through here over the years. Some see themselves as intellectuals who are tolerating everybody else who they perceive as beneath them educationally or mentally.

    Usually at some point they move along. I doubt if anybody really misses them.

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